Stay Busy and Pack Light

Stay Busy and Pack Light

Shanghai Work viewMy time throughout Shanghai was filled with ups and downs.  There were many moments of being uncomfortable.  From my internship to interacting with the locals, I was always coming across something new. That is what this trip is all about.  Putting yourself outside your comfort zone to create meaningful experiences.  It was a fun journey.  From eating scorpions to working at an investment bank, the days were exhausting because of how much there was to do!  Now that I am back home, I can already tell that I’m going to miss my time in China.
Pack light! While preparing for your excursion to the Far East, remember that you will have access to so many cheap products. These products are inexpensive and your times at the fake market will be some of the most fun experiences.  You are able to purchase designer merchandise to authentic (or close to) sport clothing. You will quickly build up your wardrobe. I did not take advantage of this enough, but while shopping in the United States I regret not purchasing more clothing.  It seems “sketchy” at first, but looking back, I could have saved a lot of money on wardrobe. 

While packing, realize that your business dress description may not be what you end up wearing on a day to day basis. My internship ended up entailing me to wear a suit every day. However, I know many of my peers who had the original description of “business formal,” but by the second day were able to dress casually and even sometimes able to wear shorts to work. 
Get in the habit of wearing the same clothing and similar outfits. Six weeks seems like a long time, but it isn’t.  You will be fine with minimal clothing.  This is my main advice for your upcoming trip!
Career Event in Shanghai

Attend as many career events and trips as possible! You never know when one will be interesting or specific to you! There were times where I felt like the event was not for me, then there were others where I was so happy I attended. For that reason, stay busy. You have such a short time in Shanghai so you have to make the most of it!!

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