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So what’s new this week?

So what’s new this week?

I’m currently 3 weeks into my internship. This week has been kind of slow, but the first 2 weeks were filled with many interesting activities. We’re constantly receiving new tasks at work. My main task has been in private equity which involves the company’s charity project. My boss is looking at turning the community project into a sustainable business, so we’ve been working on this transition. The transition consists of building ideas to raise funds, building a separate website from the firm, building brand awareness etc. I have a meeting with someone from Feed the Hungry, which is the organization that currently works with FF, on the 7th of February to discuss my ideas on how to increase funding. I believe the ideas that I’ve come up with will be appreciated and eventually implemented. I’ve already shown the Managing Director my ideas and he’s keen for me to present them.

On Sunday our Absolute group went out for dinner at Crystal Jade. We had a long wait as there was a family just sitting and talking unaware we were waiting for them to leave. We tried staring them down but unfortunately they were too busy enjoying their conversation. However, the wait was worth it as the food was really good. The Program Director ordered us many different types of dishes which were all to my liking. After dinner, a few people including the Program Director went out for some drinks and some shisha. I didn’t go but I heard it was good fun from everyone in the morning. Luckily no one came to work in the morning with a hangover.

Some work colleagues and I went to a club called 001 on Tuesday night this week. It was almost impossible to find but well worth the trouble. We had some drinks while snacking on some amazing chicken and calamari. Nick was adamant about drinking Old Fashioneds so I decided to join him on our second round. After about one minute, Nick was furious that I had let the ice melt into my drink and claimed that the Old Fashioned was beyond recognition. It was around this time that the cherry became detached from the stick and ended up in the drink. Before I could remedy the situation, Nick was all over it claiming that I didn’t know what I was doing and I might as well just order another wine.

I’ve been talking to my friend a lot lately who is from Hong Kong. She will arrive here on the 25th of January so we’re getting organized with things to do. For Chinese New Years I am going to go to her home and meet her family at their annual New Years gathering. Her English is quite good, but she tells me that her father and others in her family don’t speak much English which could make for some pretty awkward moments. It should be very interesting though as I can see what it’s like for people in different cultures growing up.

It’s Friday and our group is planning on going to the Avenue of the Stars again. I’m thinking about going but we have to get up tomorrow to go to Disneyland and I’m so exhausted from work! We’re also going to go out tomorrow night after Disneyland for some drinks which should be fun. Hopefully I don’t wake up with a huge hangover like I did last weekend. When I woke up last Saturday with a hangover, I needed to finish some work off for my boss. Luckily for me the work was very interesting to me, so I didn’t mind doing it.

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