So it is now one week until my adventure in Hong Kong begins

So it is now one week until my adventure in Hong Kong begins

Hong Kong Finance Internship

So it is now one week until my adventure in Hong Kong begins and I could not be more excited! Naturally, I have been thinking a lot about what to expect from the month’s experience.

With respect to the living arrangements, I will be staying at a hotel with limited cooking facilities, but that is not an issue at all for me because I am such a foodie! I cannot wait to try all the weird and wonderful Hong Kong delicacies. I have already promised myself that whatever is put on the plate in front of me, I will at the very least give it a try! Luckily there is a gym onsite at the accommodation so I can try as much as I like!

This will be my first time living completely independently from my parents so, embarrassing as it is to say, I will be experiencing daily activities such as doing laundry for the first time. I am looking forward to increasing my independence in this way in preparation for my study abroad in California which begins in September of this year.

I have been assigned a roommate who I know absolutely nothing about. This might not be a big deal for most, but I have never had to share a room with anyone before! I am excited about the prospect of sharing this major experience with her but I am also quite apprehensive about whether she will be my cup of tea.

Moving on to the internship, I have been assigned a position in a Swedish investment bank, where I am expecting to carry out various research tasks in relation to the financial links between the Nordic region and Asia. I assume the office environment and culture will be very similar to that of my previous internships which involved working with Europeans in the investment banking space. Hopefully, I will be working near to some of the other interns because I definitely want to explore the surrounding area out of my work hours!

Quite a few people I know, particularly from my university course, have a relation to Hong Kong, so I have been asking them a lot of questions to get a perspective of the region itself. The first thing most of them have mentioned is that I will be drenched in sweat most of the time because it is just so hot! Even so, any kind of heat would make a nice change from the weather in London.

They have also commented on the fact that the transport system is one of the most efficient and cleanest I will ever come across. This is extremely convenient as I would like to see as much of the city as possible.

From what I understand, there is a large population of westerners in Hong Kong. The lack of a language barrier will come in handy with the countless times I will (inevitably!) get lost. Nevertheless, I hope it does not limit the extent to which I can challenge and immerse myself in the culture of the locals.

I am planning to take roughly £100 per weeks’ worth of Hong Kong dollars, which is slightly more than was suggested in the Absolute pre-departure pack; only because I have been told that Hong Kong is a relatively expensive place to live if one plans to socialise most evenings, which is definitely on my agenda!

All in all, I just cannot wait to arrive and see if my expectations match up to the reality of living in Hong Kong!

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