Shoreditch: A Home To Hipsters And Nucco Brain

Shoreditch: A Home To Hipsters And Nucco Brain

Nucco BrainBurrowed in the heart of trendy Shoreditch, London, down a lane filled with art galleries, design studios and cool cafes lies a visual storytelling studio, quaint and cosy, bursting with creativity and some of London’s brightest minds. Welcome to Nucco Brain, a place where imagination runs free and ideas come to life from the simple strokes of a pencil or the click of a computer mouse. Barley one year old, despite it’s tender age Nucco Brain boasts an impressive array of explanimation videos – visual aids for companies who wish to tell a story about their brand, product or service in a way that is both concise and entertaining. An exciting mix of advertising and animation, big names like Samsung, BMW, Visa and Mini Cooper have already worked with Nucco and it’s easy to see why when you check out their impressive portfolio of inspiring and talented work. The name itself invites intrigue – ‘Nucco’ being Italian dialect for ‘thick’, meaning that even the ‘thickest of minds’ can understand one of their messages, their artsy logo of a brain is also captivating, capturing any wandering eye. Founded by Stefano and Pedro, both under the age of 30, Nucco Brain is home to a select group of inventive and friendly animators, illustrators, designers and coffee lovers, each adding their own personality and individuality to a space that is inspiring, creating a vibe that can only be described as “very chilled”.


So you’re probably wondering, at a hipster studio like Nucco Brain, what does a typical day contain?

London InternshipWhether it be Stefano’s Italian swearing battling it out with Pedro’s indie tunes, finding super glue in the fridge or watching them work on cool new projects, a typical day turns into an interesting day in the matter of minutes. And that’s my favourite thing about this place – the fact that I get to be in an environment that is continually stimulating, where you’re encouraged to just be yourself and wear whatever you want, because as Stefano puts it, why would you want to come to a place every day pretending to be someone you’re not, “dressed as someone else”? I also like how all members of the team are friends and do stuff together outside of work – last week we all went to see ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ and after headed to the pub for beers and just hung out, a super cool end to a busy day at the office!


Being a relatively new company Nucco Brain is still developing their own marketing strategies and that’s where I fit in. Putting my skills learnt at University into practice in a real life situation. I’m lucky in that I get to mix my English skills with Marketing, using both my creative and strategic abilities to devise social media advertising campaigns and a marketing plan, as well as working on market research and creating a blog for their website. I’m also learning other skills – today I get delve into the world of PR and work on a press release for their recent ad created for ‘Lycamobile’.


London InternWhat you learn in the classroom is great, but it’s only when you actually apply your textbook theory to the real world that you understand how it all really works! What I’ve discovered so far is that sometimes you can forget the textbook constraints, you can make your own rules – be creative! Because at the end of the day no two people are the same, everyone is unique and each person has a different way of seeing things and conveying an idea. Why be like everyone else, use your personality to your advantage and apply it to all areas of your work so that you can differentiate yourself within your industry. And that’s really what advertising is all about – coming up with a concept different to competitors that will stand out from the crowd and draw people in. I’ve learnt a lot in the first two weeks at Nucco Brain, who knows what the next two will bring…

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