Shanghai: First Impressions

Shanghai: First Impressions

Our apartment and the metro system:

The apartment we stayed at was nice. The living room was spacious and bright and the furniture was fairly clean and well maintained. I was expecting a small room but turns out I was wrong! My apartment was located in the center of Shanghai near the Jiangsu Rd subway station. To the metro system it’s around 15 minute walk. The metro system here is also very cheap and convenient. It cost me only $1 USD to and from work. The only draw back for using the metro system is that there are a lot of people! Sometimes you miss the train because the train is packed. But, that’s not a big problem because the train comes every few minutes.

Food in Shanghai:

There are various types of restaurants in Shanghai so you never get tired of the food here. The first couple of weeks, it takes time for your stomach to adjust to the food and water. Usually fruits or vegetables are washed with tap water and this can cause stomach problems until you get used to it. But, I guess, this is part of the experience living in Shanghai. I usually went grocery shopping on the weekend and cooked everyday. The taxi ride to the nearby grocery store was $5 USD but they had everything there so it was worth the trip. In Shanghai, it is probably best to buy food at a well-known grocery store so that you do not get food poisoning.


First week at work:

I worked for a financial firm. They are a broker firm and their main clients were expatriates. I had the opportunity to use my Japanese language skills to communicate with Japanese clients. My manager was very nice to his interns. There were tasks that seemed long  such as searching for potential customers on LinkedIn, but we also got to learn a lot in the process. I am excited to learn more about investment funds during my internship here.



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