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Remote Summer Internship: Chinese Finance Institiution

Remote summer intern

Remote Summer Internship: Chinese Finance Institiution

Hello everyone! My name is Beatrice Chua. I’m a Singaporean citizen and I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Management Science from University College London (UCL) and will be graduating in June 2023. Furthermore, I am also an Absolute Internship alumnus! Recently I undertook a 12 week remote summer internship during my break (May-August). I was placed with an investment/asset management company named Summer Atlantic Capital, under the remote Absolute Internship scholarship programme.


“Although I had to complete the internship remotely, it was still a hugely eye-opening and fulfilling experience!”


My host company


My company was called Summer Atlantic Capital and is headquartered in Beijing, China. They are an investment institution based on global resources and asset investment. Summer Atlantic Capital specializes in providing tailored and effective solutions for foreign companies seeking to enter the Chinese market to maximize their shareholder value. 



My remote internship experience


Although I had to complete the internship remotely from Singapore, the 3 month internship was still a hugely eye-opening and fulfilling experience. As a Summer Analyst, I had the opportunity to work on various tasks such as: 

  • Work on cross-border transactions and communicate with several high-tech US firms to assist their incorporation and investment in China 
  • Perform independent investment / market research on areas such as Automotive Industry, IoT, Medical Technology, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR etc. 
  • Prepared investment agreements, due diligence reports, project feasibility study reports etc. 
  • Assess the risk of different markets and transactions based on valuation, analysis, and meetings with the management team
  • Work on marketing plans for LinkedIn and WeChat


What I learnt


It was definitely a steep learning curve considering the internship involved both English and Mandarin (my second language), and that it was my first internship at a finance institution. Nonetheless, I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn and it was amazing to work with the Summer Atlantic Team. To the team, thank you for all the support and guidance you have provided me throughout my 12 weeks internship and I cannot wait to apply what I have learnt in my future career.  


Remote Summer Internship


Absolute Internship’s role


Additionally, I would like to thank the Absolute Internship team for coordinating and providing me with this amazing internship opportunity! From CV vetting to frequent check-ins, it was really useful in helping me prepare for this internship as well as track my growth progress throughout!


The future


Moving forward, as I will be entering my 2nd year of University, I am delighted to be continuing my work at Summer Atlantic Capital on a part-time, project basis! I am looking forward to what’s coming next and would definitely recommend everyone to step out of their comfort zone and take on an internship outside of your home country. 

Thank you for reading! 

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