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Preparing for a great challenge

Preparing for a great challenge

MariaBorisova picture 3Sometimes it is unbelievable how our decisions take us to places which we would never expect to go to…

My name is Maria Borisova and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. Honestly speaking, it had never crossed my mind that there will be a day when I will be studying in Rome, Italy. But here I am. And I have never thought it is possible to go to Hong Kong for a month as a Finance intern. As it turns out, not only is it possible, but I will actually experience this. There are less than 10 days till my departure to Hong Kong, a city 8430 km away from my birthplace and with six-hour difference from where I live and study now, and I still haven’t realized that it is actually going to happen!

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I keep looking up images of Hong Kong, where I will be an intern in a start-up firm, just trying to have an idea of where I will be. But every time it seems unbelievable, it is so different from all the places I have been to!

At my university, John Cabot, where I am a third-year major in Economics and Finance with a minor in Political Science, I am surrounded by people from all over the world and it never stops to amaze me how different our cultures are. As I see it, this internship is not only an opportunity to have a work experience in a great environment like the one Hong Kong offers, but also an opportunity to get a sense of the incredible culture of the city. Even though I have traveled a lot, it seems to me that Hong Kong and the life there is unlike anything I have been exposed to so far. But this does not scare me. On the contrary – it is a challenge that I cannot wait to face! I don’t expect this to be an easy month, but nevertheless, I am eager to learn valuable job skills, see how locals live and what the everyday life is like, taste the food, discover amazing places and meet great people, dive into the city and be part of Hong Kong, even if only for a short time!

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