Portugal Internships Best Industries to Intern For

Portugal internship a complete dream

Portugal Internships Best Industries to Intern For

In recent years, Portugal has earned itself quite a bit of buzz. From Tiktok, to Instagram photos, everyone is sharing just how gorgeous and underlooked this seaside country is. But Portugal isn’t JUST beautiful- it’s also a wonderful place to jumpstart a career! Portugal’s largest city, Lisbon, is home to several industries that Absolute Internship has teamed up with to present the best Portugal internships for young people looking to gain not only career experience in their chosen field, but also adventure. Read more about the 4 leading industries that Absolute Internship has prepared the best internship opportunity for their interns for, in order to really help them experience both the city, and their industry, in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise. Without further ado, here are the top 4 industries for Portugal internships. 


Portugal, like many other countries in the post pandemic world, has been undergoing a significant digital transformation. This change has led to an increased demand for digital marketing knowledge and digital services in that realm. But what is marketing, exactly? Marketing is the spectrum of actions related to promoting or selling a product or service including advertising and market research.  This road definition can include social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and online advertising. Bottom line? You’re working to entice consumers to purchase one product or service over another one. 

So, why should you consider Portugal specifically for an internship in marketing? Lisbon in recent years has grown in popularity for startups, focusing mainly on technology, e-commerce, and digital services creating many new opportunities for those in the marketing world to help promote and establish branding. Portugal as stated above has boomed in recent years for tourism as well, making the demand for marketing in order to properly attract visitors and promote travel-related businesses. All of this growth has made Portugal a wonderful place to learn and take next steps toward your marketing career. You won’t go wrong with a Portugal Internship. 

Portugal Best Industries


When we hear finance, typically all we think about is money. But there is so much more involved in this industry! For those looking into interning in this realm, there are many different facets to consider such as finance management, accounting, and law. This industry is considered to be one of the most competitive and fierce industries to enter into, so making sure to experience an internship before trying to enter will only serve you in the future. 

Why Portugal specifically for your internship? Similar to Marketing, the Finance industry has boomed as a result of increased tourism to the country, causing Portugal to become an emerging hub in Europe. Especially in cities like Lisbon, where Absolute Internship offers a guided internship experience in the industry of your choosing with excursions, housing, and career development included, it’s hard to see a reason why not to intern in Portugal. The growth in recent years due to tourism has led to an increased demand for finance professionals. By experiencing a Portugal internship in finance, you give yourself a boost in your future industry by standing out from the jump. Important to note: Absolute Internship recommends that interns have a familiarity with intermediate knowledge of accounting, data in both statistical and narrative form, and have excellent written and oral communication. 


Entrepreneurship is the industry for those who want to create something of their own, whether that be a product, business etc. If you choose to embark on this industry, you’ll have the opportunity to take control over the details of your working life. You’ll be the boss! All decisions from concept to execution will be up to you. This can include design concepts, sales, business operations, and customer relationship management. This fluidity of responsibility provides a greater opportunity for financial success and creative freedom. Entrepreneurship internships are a fantastic starting point if you have plans to start your own company in the future, ESPECIALLY internships abroad. 

What’s in Portugal that makes this such a great industry to explore? As mentioned before, Lisbon is a budding home space for startups, making it a fabulous space for an intern interested in entrepreneurship. This startup culture paired with fintech is often on the active hunt for interns to assist with innovative projects relative to financial technology, digital payments, blockchain, and they often provide an opportunity to work on cutting edge initiatives. Unlike other internships where you may not have as integral of a role to the bigger picture, startups cannot spare to have extra hands without them adding quite a bit to the broader picture. You’ll be able to see and experience more than you may have been able to in another industry. By choosing to intern with Absolute Internship, you’ll be engaging in an award winning program, having won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015, giving the program tremendously strong connections in this world. The connections you will make in Portugal due to its strong fintech and startup culture will be invaluable as you continue on in your career. 

Business Development

Business development is an extremely exciting developing career path for many budding professionals. But compared to some of the other mentioned industries, Business Development tends to be a bit more elusive. So what even is it? Business Development is a blend of strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. In this exciting field, professionals dive into a wide range of tasks, from shaping a company’s products and services to crafting effective marketing strategies, generating valuable sales leads, and skillfully closing deals. As a business development intern, you’ll likely dive deep into a company’s portfolio and explore the competitive market landscape. Your mission will be to find innovative ways to broaden the spectrum of products and services offered to consumers. 

Just like their entrepreneurship intern counterparts, Business Development interns will greatly benefit from their time in Lisbon, as it explodes in startup growth. The city hosts numerous incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces that foster innovation. It also is a thriving European city chalk full of people to network with for future opportunities. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with experiencing one of these four industries in one of the loveliest cities on the planet. Absolute Internship makes your Portugal internship a complete dream, providing you the tools you need to truly grow. 

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