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Our weekend activities

Our weekend activities

We have done a lot of stuff in weekends. For the first weekend, we went to a traditional Shanghai restaurant for ‘Dim Sum’. Absolute did order lots of dishes for us and it was delicious. This ‘Dim Sum’ is different than the one I tried in Hong Kong. They are spicier with a stronger taste. I love that they are served as small plate because I can eat more different kind of food. Then we went to an attraction that can see a wide view of Shanghai’s buildings. The view was fantastic and we took a group photo there. One interesting thing is we attract Shanghai people looking at us when we took the group photo. I have no idea why they are curious about that, but it was an interesting moment. Then we walked along the street and get to know more traditional stuff in some shop. After that we went for shopping in a popular small town. That place got many local brand’s stores and snack shops. The town’s design is classic and I love exploring the buildings with traditional Chinese design.

In the second weekend, we had a short trip in Suzhou. It is a popular city and we could take private bus for 2 hours to get there. We met in the early morning at lobby and took the bus that Absolute provided. The place was quite different to Shanghai. Shanghai is a modern city where the buildings are tall and new, however, I couldn’t see any tall buildings in Suzhou. Those buildings are old and normally got two to three levels’ height. It reminded me about some scenes I’ve watched in the Chinese dramas before. I felt like I was in the ancient times. I was glad to see the Chinese are still keeping some characterizes of antiquity because the old design is fantastic and it implies the personality of Chinese culture. We went to a museum that exhibits many collections from antiquity, such as the sovereign’s stuff, artwork and crafts. They are exactly representing Chinese culture by its detailed design, raw materials like gold and silver and the unique text font. We were able to understand more about the Chinese characteristics. After the site visit, we went to a café for lunch. The café was kind of Chinese and Western mixture because its design is made by wood and similar as Chinese architecture. But there are all English books and some of their contents are related to Chinese culture. We had a nice Western meal there, and we went to a garden afterwards. There is a large house that was built in antiquity and designed for rich people to live in. We did spend a long time to walk through all part of the house as the design between rooms is quite complicated, and I couldn’t believe they were living in such a big house too. It was interesting to visit it. Last, we went to a place that contains many buildings with triangle housetops. They sell lot of snack foods and traditional handmade stuff. I love that place so much and we’ve enjoyed eating the snack food. Overall the trip was good.

On the third weekend, we went to Karaoke and it was fun. I had been to Karaoke in Hong Kong and Australia – and there was not big difference with Shanghai. It is a perfect place for a group to have fun. We also went some bar and clubs in the weekends. Those places are huge and gorgeous, and there are no entry fees required. I enjoyed discovering more about the culture of Shanghai people through activities in weekends and having fun out of work.

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