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No place on earth has such a buzz as China

No place on earth has such a buzz as China

My time in Shanghai has taught me a lot, not just through my internship and experiencing the real world, but also through the people I have met, friends I have made and experiences shared.

My internship experience was an interesting one. The transition from law school to a law firm, especially in China, could not be more different. In school, the work is set, with a clear goal. Here, you are often given work with no clear time frame, scale or even specific direction! You are left to make the judgment calls as to the priority of each task, often we will get it wrong, but hey, that’s how we learn! In the office the permanent staff will trust your work and rely on you to perform at your best. The difference between class work and real world work is really highlighted here. Theoretical problems will only result in lower marks if wrong. In the office, the result is much worse, it can change lives, but on the positive side, you have the potential to change someone’s life for the better.

Throughout the program, Absolute have provided opportunities to meet entrepreneurs and business people through seminars. These people are often very simular to us interns, but 10-20 years older, and have set their own pathways. The seminars provide us with the opportunity to ask questions and learn different routes to success, not just the text book pathway we are all used to. Importantly they spark something inside all of us to urge us on to success.

The real game changer for me was the city it’s self. I have travelled the globe and seen many things, but Shanghai is different. Skyscrapers as far as the eye can seen, millions of people rushing around and the feeling of opportunity is predominate here. No place on earth has such a buzz as China, specifically Shanghai. Although often said not to be “real China”, Shanghai is a place where you can dream big, and not be shut down by society. The skyline in so inspirational, I will be back for longer!

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