Macau Trip and the Show of Dancing Waters

Macau Trip and the Show of Dancing Waters

As a Brazilian in Hong Kong, I was excited since the beginning of the internship program to go to Macau since we share the same Portuguese heritage! So the day arrived and despite the quite heavy rain, we took the ferry boat for about an hour to Macau! Although the boat was shaky, we arrived safe and sound in Macau and went straight to the hotel in a side of Macau called Taipa. The surrounding area that we got to explore just a bit after we arrived was similar to portuguese small villages, a preserved cultural site. We had to queue at a restaurant for some local food, famous pork buns and also got to walk around a street where they gave free biscuit samples – mind you – I couldn’t be happier! After a lot of walking around to see preserved historical sites, we returned to the hotel to get ready for a grand night watching the show of the dancing waters! I can surely say that that was the best show I have ever watched in my entire life – and I have been in quite a few! The show was spectacular in every single aspect: the scenario, the architecture of the hall and moving pools and lights; the actors and acrobats… In sum, everything was majestic!

Macau Weekend TripAfter that, we went to have dinner at one of the most famous casinos in Macau, the Venetian, which is very similar to the one in Las Vegas. What a pompous space! We got to walk around the casino, eat some delicious food and then we went to a club inside there, which had live music! But what caught my attention was another club nearby that we visited later called Cubic! This place, different from the clubs nearby central Hong Kong full of expats, had a major local audience. This means that the music they played was the favourite over here: psy and techno… not my cup of tea but it was a fun experience. Especially because out of nowhere some masked dancers appeared and interacted with the public – very original! It was a great night out!

Next day we made to central Hong Kong where we tried the famous and delicious Portuguese egg custard tarts and also walked along one of the main streets where the stores offered innumerous samples of biscuits and cured meat – Yummy! Later we moved to the front of the ruins of the Church of Saint Paul. This was the end of our trip since after that we got the ferry and returned to Hong Kong Island! Thanks, Absolute for such a fantastic weekend!

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