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What it’s like to work at a Chinese Law Firm

intern legal

What it’s like to work at a Chinese Law Firm

internship legal

This photo was taken in the foyer of my work. Because it’s almost Chinese New Year they have some traditional new year decorations on the windows.

I’ve been very lucky to have had such a great legal internship experience here in Shanghai. The place where I’m working is the international department of one of the biggest and best law firms in China. It’s an exciting place to work because the firm is a Chinese firm in the process of expanding into the West. They have just recently opened up an office in Atlanta in the US and they are constantly looking for ways to expand their network in the West. So one of my jobs has been to manage their company LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is used internationally, so it is very important that they have a company page. Every day I post an article on the page relating to the firm’s news, or I write an article in English about some Chinese legal news or interesting cases. My other jobs at the firm include researching the law, rules and regulations relating to foreign investment and business and proof-reading English articles that have been translated from Chinese. You would be surprised by how much ‘Chinglish’ there is in these documents!

But I think it is the people at my internship company that make the job so enjoyable. I have really enjoyed getting to know them and getting to know more about Chinese culture. The department I work in is very sociable and the firm has a good company culture.

legal intern

I took this photo when my colleagues and I went to karaoke.

A few nights ago a partner of the firm treated us all to a dinner and karaoke after work. The karaoke was so much fun and everyone sang a song (most were Chinese pop songs I’d never heard of!). At dinner we ate some of the most amazing Chinese food I’ve ever eaten. Speaking of food, one of the highlights of my day is having lunch with my workmates at different restaurant near work. The food is always cheap and delicious. It’s usually under 4 Australian dollars for a huge meal of rice or noodles, vegetables and meat and soup. I know the Chinese phrases for the “the food is delicious” and “I’m full” very well now after all these lunches.

I’ve learned so much while working here at the law firm. It’s been incredible to be able to experience Chinese culture and the world of law all at the same time.

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