Journalism Internship in Hong Kong

hong kong internship

Journalism Internship in Hong Kong

The thought of having a 9 to 5 job in an office absolutely terrified me before I came to Hong Kong. I looked forward to the experience but prepared myself for hours of watching the clock and unbelievable boredom. The actual working part of this trip was what worried me the most, not moving half way across the world; I had never had a proper office job before and wasn’t really sure what to expect. But after the initial shock of waking up before midday I began to get used to the routine. I start work at 9.30 so leave the hotel around 9.10; Kennedy Town is only two metro stops away. This means I can wake up quite late and still get to work on time. My office is modern and mainly full of American and British people so it doesn’t really feel like I’m in Hong Kong. There are six interns in Hong Kong with the company and we have a long lunch hour eating at the western and Chinese restaurants around the office.

hong kong internshipI’m working with a fashion company which I was initially unsure about, but I’m concentrating on the writing and editing side of things. I was surprised at how much responsibility I’d actually been given as I had it in my head that interns are usually just told to photocopy and make drinks. But each day my manager gives me a list of retailers and designers I have to describe and write biographies for, so I spend most of the day researching, writing and editing. I also write my own articles about news in the fashion world which is published under my name on the website!

From my experience so far I’ve realised that office work is nowhere near as bad as I thought – it actually suits me. My work is very independent and my manager never sets deadlines so it’s not too stressful at the moment. It has reassured me of my ambitions to go on into a writing and editing career and given me a good insight into the real working world.

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