Internships in Paris: A Love Affair with Career Excellence

Launch your career in Paris with your choice of internships.

Internships in Paris: A Love Affair with Career Excellence

Paris, a romanticized destination for people from almost every country for centuries. Not only does it claim to be the most visited city in the world (we don’t doubt it!) but it also is home to all sorts of mega industries such as fashion, marketing, business, public relations and law. It’s the perfect place for a budding professional to launch their career while also broadening their understanding of the world around them. Paris is the perfect place for an intern to live and grow into their future professional roles. And begin, a beautiful love affair in Paris, with your future career and developing self! 

Absolute Internship offers interns the chance to actually live and work among Parisians. What makes Paris a remarkable destination for a summer internship is its capacity to ease you into the professional world gradually. Parisian work culture  is characterized by its relaxed nature and a healthy work-life balance. Despite being a bustling metropolis, you’ll quickly notice that Parisians take their time to enjoy their day, and won’t be hurried at all getting to the office. Where 15 minutes late is a huge deal at work in the United States, Parisians are often 30 to even an hour late to work without any stress. Lunchtime is a paramount part of a Parisian’s work day, so you won’t find anyone eating at their desk.  Starting your career in such a laid-back environment can help you instill a sense of balance from the very beginning.

Let your love affair with Paris begin absolutely stress free, as Absolute Internship guarantees a placement for all of its interns. Once you have an idea of what industry you’re looking to explore, Absolute Internship finds the perfect match for you out of its cohort of trusted companies. After investigating all of the companies we work with, we evaluate how interactive and hands-on the internship experience they offer is. We make sure there are no interns grabbing coffees! 

fashion, marketing, business, public relations and law Internships in Paris

As you’ll see on the homepage of Absolute Internships section on internships in Paris, we also offer students the opportunity to deepen the skills they are learning in their day-to-day opportunities. We offer the Career Speaker Series, which grants interns the experience of hearing from those in the industry, who are working and living in Paris full time. They will range from CEOs, executives, and other industry professionals from around Paris. Held after work hours, this opportunity grants intern the chance to ask all of their hard hitting questions while also allowing them to hear the career story of the speakers. They’ll share insights, success stories, challenges, and essential advice that will prove to be extremely valuable in the years to come. While not required, this extra chance for interns to gain a better understanding of their future career is one of the many extra touches that choosing an Absolute Internship will provide a student looking to make a huge splash in their future career early. Moreover, Absolute Internship offers ample networking opportunities. Through collaborations with various events throughout the city, we ensure you find events tailored to your chosen industry, allowing you to interact with real professionals in your field and ask those burning questions you might hesitate to ask at your internship or perhaps with the big group at the Career Speaker Series. 

No internships in Paris are complete without a thorough exploration of the city. Why come to intern in the city of love if you don’t have time to fall in love with the city itself? Absolute Internship has a plan for this. Your program kick-starts with a guided tour to help you get your bearings and become familiar with what will surround you for the next few months. During your stay, Absolute Internship will take you on several exciting day trips to nearby cities and villages. These include trips to explore the French countryside, visit local vineyards and Champagne cellars, and of course a trip to the iconic Château de Versailles. As a summer intern in Paris, you’ll also have the privilege of visiting some of Paris’s finest cultural institutions, including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and the Centre Pompidou. And outside of our scheduled activities, be sure to explore on your own, tailoring your experience to your personal preferences. Wander through the charming streets of Montmartre or indulge in some retail therapy at Galeries Lafayette. The possibilities are endless!

You are absolutely certain to work up an appetite while on your journey de Paris, so use that hunger to help immerse yourself further into Paris’ decadent culture. The rich food of the French is sure to be one of your favorite parts of this amazing city. There are plenty of ways to find things to try, but the best one is to ask the locals for their opinions! Try having your coworkers recommend cafés for lunch, or ask them about their must-try places in the city. No matter what, don’t forget to add pain au chocolat, crepes, and macarons to your list of foods to try.  Don’t limit yourself to stereotypes of “French” food; explore the diverse culinary landscape. French cuisine is renowned for its decadence, and your exploration of Parisian culture wouldn’t be complete without indulging in its culinary delights.

As an expert now in all things internships in Paris, you can confidently explore all that Absolute Internships Paris program has to offer by checking out this link. You’ll find that an internship in Paris is a wonderful way to jumpstart a long and successful career in a multitude of industries. Whether you’re interested in fashion, PR, business, or even something not in these categories, you can trust you’ll find it in Paris. Use this time to truly immerse yourself in the culture in all ways, through work, exploration, and taste! Don’t forget to use the people you meet along the way as a serious resource, not only for better understanding of Paris, but also as future connections in your chosen industry! 

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