Intern in Singapore: The REAL world ?

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Intern in Singapore: The REAL world ?

About half a year ago, I was just wondering what I should do for the summer, since it will be my last official summer before graduating. A lot of my friends and classmates are already applying for local internships in Hong Kong, obviously, internship would be beneficial for the last year of the Architecture course but somehow, I still wanted to have a ‘fun’ summer- and I was just thinking, I already tried working in a small local firm, so why not try something new like interning abroad? Not only can I do some travelling, have fun, explore elsewhere, I can also be working and gain more experience internationally ! So, like what a normal person would do, I googled ‘Interning abroad for students’ or something along those lines. Absolute Internship caught my attention as there were different countries to choose from, Singapore being one of the places I really enjoyed the last time I was here for holiday- Food is amazing, shopping is good, transport is convenient, language won’t be a barrier and Architecture here is also fascinating ! So after all the procedures, I am finally enrolled into the programme !

A month ago I was already super excited to be enrolled in the Absolute programme, not only knowing that I could be interning abroad for the first time ever, it was also in the industry I am currently studying in and I knew I would be able to meet different people from all around the world who are also in the programme. I honestly believe this was one of the best decision I have made, being able to meet so many amazing people here, as well as having such a good place to work at where I actually enjoy something related to ‘work’ and what I do at school.

As an architecture student, we don’t exactly have to ‘study’ a lot, like doing a lot of reading and theory, but mostly we think, plan, design, we build, and everything we do is just super time consuming.

Compared to real world, it is in fact quite similar in terms of architecture firms, the step by step procedures, going through design trials, making adjustments and just making sure the planning through engineering, building structures and everything in terms of needing to build and complete the building is organized and set. Again, it is quite relatable as one of the things we actually learn in theory at school is about the building procedures and documents etc. that a company has to go through in terms of finalizing the design to be built.

Also, after a month in Singapore, and working here which is a whole new world to me, connections and networking are very important. In Hong Kong, it is similar to Singapore, here they receive recognition of the company if they bid for a local project to work on and if they win it, they get to design it. Otherwise it is through connections and links with other companies or so which would get the company an opportunity to design the certain building thus continue working on it. Not only in Architecture, but I am sure in the world nowadays, the networking system and connections are all very important as there is also the help of social media, just like how I found out about this programme!

Finally, to all the people and students out there who are struggling to find an internship abroad, this is a good chance for you to go! Not only will you be able to enjoy your ‘holiday’ through a different country, you can also work and meet more new people ! I believe that it is alright if you don’t especially enjoy what you are currently studying right now, the fact that you get to intern abroad can be a true experience to the real world ! And maybe after that, you will get to like it more! After all, you have to get lost before you find yourself ! 🙂


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