Intern in Hong Kong: Top Tips

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Intern in Hong Kong: Top Tips

My internship in Hong Kong is now over, and I cannot believe how fast the past month has gone and how much it taught me. It differed from my expectations, but definitely in a positive way. I was so frantically busy the whole time, but it meant I experienced so much in such a short space of time. To future students interning abroad, I would advise them:

  1. Keep an open mind and be flexible at all times; plans will definitely change last minute and you will have to adapt to whatever happens. Some of the best experiences are not pre-planned, so if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, be adaptable with your ideas and say yes to everything. This way you’ll experience and make the most out of your time abroad.
  2. Be open minded to other cultures. Whilst you’re away you’ll probably feel some culture shock while you get used to a different way of life, if you haven’t been before. One thing I struggled with was how slow people walked on the metro. When I woke up late and was rushing to work, people seemed so relaxed in comparison with the pace in Britain, I couldn’t help getting frustrated. Hong Kong waiters always seemed so angry and rude all the time, before we realised it’s just their way of talking; if someone comes across as rude, it may just be a cultural misunderstanding.
  3. Be patient with language barriers. When you order something in a restaurant, 90% of the time it will not be what you expected. Just laugh it off, treat it as part of the experience, and stop at McDonalds on the way home.
  4. Enjoy your time in Hong Kong, but don’t let this affect the internship aspect; it’s your manager who will give a reference to future employers and you want an internship abroad to benefit you in the best way possible. After all, it’s the reason for you being in Hong Kong.
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