Incredible City With Amazing People


Incredible City With Amazing People

London is like any other place to live, if by any other you mean a capital city with millions of people bustling around with accents foreign to your own. The city is filled with a variety of boroughs that each have their own character and style. I live in East London while I work in Central London which gives me a taste of the variety of the city. The variety doesn’t stop with the architecture and landmarks, but with the people. There is an incredible wonder when you can look at the people walking down the street and sense the diversity that being an international hub provides.

londonIn East London where I stay, I am a short walk to Shoreditch a creative and fun district. It is filled with fun bars and restaurants as well as cool independent shops and boutiques. All around me are people who are admittedly much more fashionable then I am which fills me with inspiration. In contrast is central London where I work. There are skyscrapers in every direction and the vast majority of them are filled with international corporations. People in suits walk by or stand outside pubs grabbing a pint for lunch and chatting about the latest news in London and abroad. It is incredible to me that as when I enter the tube I look up to see the Gherkin and when I exit, London Bridge is across the way.

londonWhen I had thought about what living in London would mean, I immediately thought of Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. However, there is so much more to London than the iconic figures that first come to mind. London would not be the city that it is without its people. In the office I laugh in my head as my coworkers use words and phrases that mean totally different things back home. Sometimes, it’s me that is the butt of the joke (Warning: pants do not refer to the long clothing item worn as bottoms). Through my time here so far I have seen that we are not that different from our friends across the pond. We may speak differently or worship different celebrities, but Disney was right, it’s a small world after all.

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