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I expect to be inspired

I expect to be inspired

London is a vast and sprawling metropolis, which is both avant-garde and traditional, and in less than a week I will embark on my first design internship in London city! This December I’ll be interning as a graphic designer for a London based fashion label. A dream come true to say the very least-especially since London fashion Week is just around the corner!

My first expectation of London is for it to be cold, potentially even freezing with snow. It’s hard to image sub zero temperatures when Sydney comparatively has a very mild winter, but non-the less I’ll be packing thermals and a warm coat! In London, I expect to be immersed in a city filled with history and culture, from London’s famous landmarks to its art and culture scene. I’m hoping to visit all the significant sites and be inspired at art galleries and museums.

I am expecting to meet many new people during my two months in London. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the other London interns and creating some awesome memories! I also expect to be working extremely hard at my internship and making the most of the experience. I expect long hours, tight deadlines, and creative collaboration. During my internship, I am hoping to immerse myself in the London fashion scene and come up with strong design solutions. Overall, I expect to be inspired and challenged by my experiences in London and can’t wait for it all to begin!

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