Hong Kong: My Internship in Fashion Marketing

Hong Kong: My Internship in Fashion Marketing

Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in but never something I thought that I’d pursue as a career. Yet, my experience in the fashion field has started to develop from my experience as a sales associate at River Island, and also my role as vice-president of the Cardiff University’s Fashion Society. I’ve also been able to gain insight into the business side of fashion over the course of July. This month, I’ve been working as a marketing intern for a luxury online fashion wholesaler.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far as it has given me an idea of how an online company works behind the scenes. I have been given various tasks and over the first few days I have edited the website and sections such as retail profiles in order to make any amendments. This included checking for any missing or bounced email addresses, ensuring the social media links are correct, improving designer and retailer biographies and adding filters. I’ve held a larger role in developing the company’s social media and working on creating brand awareness through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve also researched less familiar social media sites such as Weibo and I created the company’s Weibo account. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are banned in China so Weibo is essential to reach out to Chinese designers and retailers.

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Every day at the office is slightly varied and with the fellow interns, I enjoyed skyping the CEO and founder of my company. The skype call gave us a chance to introduce ourselves and for him to credit us for the time that we have invested in his company. Simon Lock gave us a better background to fashion and the formation of fashion week as well as giving us insight into the company we are helping to develop. I’ve also been to fun events such as Hong Kong Fashion week which allowed me to gain insight into wholesale buying for companies.

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The internship is not all about work. Aside from after-office activities and weekend excursions, I’ve had a great chance to network in the open-plan layout. I work in The Hive, Kennedy town, and the office space is filled with creative like-minded individuals. The office also holds fun socialising events such as a free pizza afternoon where we can bring and share different toppings. The pizza was absolutely huge and I could only manage two slices! I also work with six other interns which are all really lovely and sociable. Every lunchtime we go out for lunch together and so far, I’ve eaten Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Vietnamese! There’s also a place next to the office which serves fresh coconut juice served in the coconut – after a tiring morning I find that these provide a great refreshment!

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I’ve really enjoyed the internship so far for the insight that I’ve gained into the business of fashion and it is something that I might venture into once I’ve graduated. I’ve also learnt a little bit more about myself and how confident I am with the thought of working abroad and possibly Asia.


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