Hong Kong, the London of the Far East

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Hong Kong, the London of the Far East

Having lived in London for three years already and London becoming what I call home only after a couple of months having lived there, I really did not expect to like Hong Kong too much and that I would want to go home right away. But I was definitely mistake. Hong Kong is somewhat a carbon copy of London (well as much as a place so much smaller than London can be). There are a lot of things that are similar between Hong Kong and London.

The public transportation systems are just what you need to get you through from one side of the city to the other with ease. In London you have the tube, the overground, the buses, the trains and in Hong Kong you have the MTR, the tram, the ferries, the buses and let’s not forget the cable cars (with Hong Kong winning because of the cheaper prices!).

hong kong internshipsThen there is food. Both London and Hong Kong are perfect for people like me that love all the foods in the world. I would be extremely unhappy if there was a limit on how many different cuisines I can try. Hong Kong having all the different Far Eastern cuisines as specialties and many other cuisines and then London having literally anything you can imagine (London wins this one because of its size and just quantity of choices).

intern in hong kongBut then there is the tiebreaker, and that is going to be nightlife. London is home of one of the most popular alternative-indie destinations which is Camden and it is one of the most extraordinary places you will ever go to. The different areas of London will definitely keep you entertained for the rest of your life. However Hong Kong has a couple of places that could definitely go head to head with London. Those places are Wan Chai and LKF. Ladies night in Wan Chai and Saturday nights in LKF are nothing I have ever experienced before in my life.  You can either go with a huge group and have a night that nobody will ever forget but you can always decide you want to try something on your own and you will be surprised the amount of friends you will make just by signing along to a song or by standing by the bar and having a drink. At this point I do not think I am able to decide between London and Hong Kong. One thing I know though is that I really would not want to live my life without any one of them.

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