Getting ready for a Marketing Internship in Hong Kong

Getting ready for a Marketing Internship in Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a second year English literature student at Cardiff University. I love living in Cardiff because it is such a vibrant city with lots to see and do. Over the course of the university year, I have been vice-president of the university’s Fashion Society. I’ve enjoyed the role and I have helped to organise trips such as Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and a weekend trip to Paris. After university, I hope to work in marketing communications and I found that Absolute Internship provides such internships abroad. I have always wanted to visit the Far East and this July, I am excited to be interning in Hong Kong. Thanks to Absolute Internship, I will be working for a global online fashion wholesale platform which blends my interest in fashion with my future career aspirations in marketing.

After finishing my second year at University in May, I’ve been able to research the city, the culture, the climate and the company which I am working for in more depth. I found Travelers’ Tales: Hong Kong really rewarding in allowing me to understand the city a little better and I recommend it to anyone interested in interning in Hong Kong. The book consists of lots of small traveller tales on different subjects by different writers. Instagram has also allowed me to visualise what the city I will be working is really like to new visitors.

I also hold an avid interest in food and like trying out new dishes in different countries. A dish that I tried recently was steak tartare, a meat dish made from raw mince and flavoured with egg yolk, capers and seasoning. I wouldn’t choose it again but I feel I can understand a culture better by trying out dishes that have been created in the country. I’m excited to see what authentic dishes can be found in Hong Kong and plan to photograph any dishes that spark interest. I found that Fuschia Dunlop’s book Shark Fin and Sichuan Pepper is an interesting read. It offers more information on China’s food culture from the perspective of a keen chef.

In order to make sure that my work clothing is practical as well as smart and stylish, I did some research into July’s weather forecast. If you are also plan to intern in Hong Kong in July, it is worth investing in smart clothing made of cotton or linen because the weather is hot and humid. A family friend also advised me that the offices have strong air conditioning in Hong Kong so I have also bought some cardigans to pack in my bag. The shop Hobbs provides an array of nice work clothes and I have attached a couple of tops which I am planning to wear.


I can’t believe that my internship is just around the corner and after completing a first-aid and self-defence course last week, the realisation that I will be in Hong Kong within a week has finally hit me!

Thanks for reading and bye for now!

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