From New Hampshire to Hong Kong

From New Hampshire to Hong Kong

Hi everyone! My name is Santi. I am preparing for my trip to Hong Kong, working as a legal intern. I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual major in Political Science and Justice Studies. I am extremely interested in pursuing a legal studies, whether that entails a J.D. or another area of expertise.

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I have been blessed enough to have traveled throughout my life but I have never been able to visit Asia and saw Hong Kong as a perfect start for me. I have a passion for learning about new cultures and immersing myself in them. I had traveled to South Africa the previous summer for humanitarian aid. It was a fantastic experience and I look to engage with the people of Hong Kong, as I did with the people of South Africa.


I have always loved the Chinese culture and wish to understand it much more. I am about a week away from traveling to Hong Kong and I expect a fantastic experience. I will definitely be immersing myself in the culture as much as possible. I plan on trying chicken feet and other exotic cuisine. I also would let to see everything the city has to offer. Upon my arrival, I will be attending the Absolute Activities that are provided until my first day of work on the following Monday. I will be working with a legal firm in Hong Kong. I expect to be working diligently and focusing my skills on an immersive legal internship experience. I am a bit nervous about learning the business culture in Hong Kong, as I have never been exposed to it before. I have been reading from various articles and traveling guides about proper business and social etiquette, as many traditions are very different than western traditions. I find myself much more prepared by reading about the city but also writing down the sites I wish to see. I have written down a “Top 10” list of places I wish to dine or explore within Hong Kong. I am an explorer when it comes to new cities and that is exactly what I plan to do upon my arrival.

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