My Favourite Things about My Favourite Place in the World!

My Favourite Things about My Favourite Place in the World!

The following are my personal recommendations of activities to do, places to see and things to try!

My favourite place to eat is the Cooked Food Centre, which is nearby our accomodation! Besides its proximity (which is great for a girl who gets peckish at the most random of hours) I love it because it houses half a dozen restaurants for a real bargain. This way I have been able to try cuisines from all over Asia: Cantonese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Indian… the list goes on!

Hong Kong Mong KokMy favourite night out was definitely the Hong Kong Pub Crawl! It really embraced what I love about the Hong Kong nightlife; it’s such a social affair to the extent that you are guaranteed to leave with a lot more friends than you arrived with! It also gave us a chance to try out all the best bars and clubs in one go which was really appreciated by those of us with only four weeks to enjoy in Hong Kong! To top it off we were fortunate enough to be around for the event’s four year anniversary, but some of the other interns guarantee that it’s just as good on a regular Thursday night; so don’t miss out!

My favourite spot in Hong Kong is Mong Kok (in the evening)! It was a shame that I didn’t discover it until my penultimate week! It was exactly what I expected Hong Kong to be like before I arrived. As soon as you step out of the MTR station you’re blinded by the multitude of the bright signs and deafened by the chaotic hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for really yummy street food this is the place! My personal recommendation… fried pig intestines! So good! This is also the home of the famous Ladies Market. My roommate and I had a lot of fun bartering with the sellers and experiencing first-hand their theatrics when you half the price! Though I got a bit carried away and left with nearly half the market in my hands…

My favourite spot of sight-seeing was the visit to Lantau Island! This was our first trip out of the smog of Hong Kong Island so it was glorious to be able to finally feel and see the sun! It was here that we encountered the famous Big Buddha on the first of many cable-car rides together (forcing me to get over my fear of heights quick-sharp). Once we arrived we had the task of a few hundred steps to climb to see the Big Buddha in all its glory but it was definitely worth it! Not to mention the most delicious sorbet I rewarded myself with on the way down. The day was topped off by a visit to the nearby traditional fishing village, Tai O, where we discovered stilt houses among stall after stall of *interesting* delicacies (…I’m beginning to notice a running food theme in my posts).

Ocean Park Hong KongMy favourite Careers Speaker Series event was hosted by a social entrepreneur based out of Hong Kong! In short, she has an initiative set up to help local people in developing countries by bridging the gap between them and tourists who want an authentic experience when travelling. I felt really inspired following her talk because I really related to her story; she began her career in the corporate world but she finds her greatest happiness in travelling around the globe and she’s managed to make a business out of her passion.

My favourite weekend activity was visiting the theme park, Ocean Park! Though there will be more on this and some of the other great weekend activities in my next blog post…

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