Explore These Eats on Your Stockholm Internship

Gravlax - Stockholm Internship Eats

Explore These Eats on Your Stockholm Internship

When you think of Stockholm, Sweden, you may think of many things: clean and crisp Scandinavian architecture, snowy winters, and warm knitted sweaters. But what about the food? Often, Stockholm’s food scene is completely overlooked. While they have a rich selection of international foods, Stockholm is also known for some of its local fares, and they are not to be slept on. Stockholm takes advantage of its watery borders and features lots of Scandinavian classics, such as rye bread, salmon, and pickled vegetables. But Stockholm cuisine isn’t limited to just those few things…there’s plenty here to taste and try! Here are 5 foods you absolutely MUST experience during your Stockholm internship

Swedish Meatballs

Yep! You know this one! Popularly known in other countries because of Ikea, swedish meatballs are exactly what they sound like: a pork and beef mixture in spherical form that makes them world famous. Ever the hearty meal, swedish meatballs are served with lingonberry sauce, gravy, and mashed potatoes. They’ve also been known to feature some sort of pickled item, typically a regular pickle. It’s a classic dish for Sweden and you’re very likely to find it in almost all cafes and restaurants come dinner time. 


This buffet-style meal is one that’s great for an intern new to Stockholm. With several dishes to try, there’s no chance you won’t fall in love with this traditional Swedish dish. Consisting of several types of fish both cured and smoked, cold cuts, cheese, various breads, salads, and jams. Think of it as a Swedish charcuterie board! There’s lots of food in this one, so as an intern in Stockholm it’s a great meal to try with coworkers or fellow interns. You can find this experience at most restaurants so give it a try and explore the tastes of Stockholm. 


If there is one thing that the Swedes are proud of, it’s the way they prepare and serve fish. Gravlax is made with thinly sliced salmon that has been cured with salt, sugar and dill (or even occasionally with spruce twigs). It can be served alone, with potatoes or on toasted crackers. Very similar to what we think of when we think of salmon lox on a bagel, this dish can even be double smoked, resulting in a savory, smoky taste that you are sure to love. While this is commonly an appetizer, we think you could try this at any time! 

Stockholm’s food scene

Le Rouge Dinner Club in Stockholm


They say every culture has their own form of a dumpling and that’s certainly true here with Stockholm’s own website boasting about the region’s own. A Kroppkakor, is a boiled potato dumpling filled with pork and onions. Traditionally served with, you guessed it lingonberry jam! While occasionally also served with clarified butter, this dumpling changes throughout the regions in Stockholm and greater Sweden. During your stockholm internship, you may very well need comfort in the form of a warm meal, perhaps after a particularly long work day. Look no further than the Kroppkakor to help you wind down after a day of learning!


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t end things on a sweet note! For your internship in Stockholm, you absolutely must try the Princess Cake (in non Swedish terms). This historically green cake is made with marzipan and a vanilla flavored buttercream. The base of the cake is sponge layers later covered with the buttercream and topped with whipped cream and more marzipan. While they also occasionally come with raspberry filling, these cakes are a staple served at most celebrations throughout Sweden, but especially in Stockholm. You’ll find them in most bakeries. 

But Where Should I Go? 

Den Gyldene Freden is a classic Swedish restaurant located in Stockholm, and happens to be one of the oldest restaurants in the world! While in Stockholm for your internship, try this place out for a variety of traditional Swedish grub. Ask about the building’s history while there-it has a fascinating backstory! Another frequently recommended spot is Meatballs for the People. While not exactly as deeply historic- this restaurant focuses on exactly what you think it does- meatballs! Try one of their 14 varieties in this casual setting. While both of these restaurants come highly recommended, don’t skip out on exploring all the smaller spots throughout Stockholm that get less recognition! You’re sure to find something to love. 

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