A couple of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong

A couple of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong

Having been in Hong Kong for a month now I have obviously picked a couple of my favorite things to do and favorite places to go.

I think I am going to start with food. This is a really hard question for me because I am the least picky eater you will ever meet which means that I will usually like everything I eat. But there is something specific that I specifically like in Hong Kong and those are all the small bakeries that you will find in a hole in a well down almost every street in Hong Kong. They are probably the best thing that has happened in my life for a while now for many reasons.

Hong Kong FriendsThey are there for you anytime you need them; they are open very early in the morning and they close pretty late at night. The variety of buns, sandwiches, pies and tarts they offer would not ever disappoint anyone, but also enough for you to always have something new to eat. They are super cheap; each one of the pieces of art they sell will never cost you more than $10 HKD, so you can easily stuff your face and not worry about your budget. I have been to a lot of restaurants, serving all kinds of cuisines and dishes and I really liked all of them, but nothing will surpass the hot BBQ pork buns or the yummy cheese and egg melts I get in the morning before I go to work.

Having lived in Greece most of my life so far, I am really hard to be amazed by sightseeing since I have seen the best of the best in my home country, but Hong Kong has a lot to offer. My favorite place by far was when we visited the Big Buddha. When you see it from a distance you think it is nothing special but when you get there you see what an amazing work of art it is the area around it is pretty impressive as well, with all the small temples, the gift shops and the nature. It is something that cannot compare with a lot of things in the rest of the world so everybody should visit it if he/she gets a chance.

Hong Kong Big BuddhaBeing a people person I always need to socialize and meet people, and there is no better place to do it in Hong Kong than LKF, which very quickly became by go-to place for a night out. I have lived in a couple of places in the world, and I have visited more, and a lot of those places have a very vivid nightlife, but nothing will ever compare to LKF. It is the craziest, most fun and affordable area for anybody to go out and enjoy a night partying. LKF offers so many different places that no matter what music do you like and no matter what you like to do on a night out, you will find that in LKF. From really small pubs, to rooftop bars and from very fancy night-clubs to salsa-dancing stages, LKF’s infinite choices will never disappoint anyone. In addition to that, the atmosphere is what makes LKF just the perfect getaway from everyday routine. People singing and dancing on the street, everybody always willing to meet new people and make friends and every body partying until the morning hours, LKF is nothing I had ever experienced before and I am definitely going to miss it once I depart from Hong Kong.

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