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Coming Back Home

Coming Back Home

Coming back to a city where I lived for 18 months is almost like a vacation, except for the fact that I have to grasp the idea that I am working and not a tourist. I’ve been blessed to have lived in Asia for 11 years of my life, with Shanghai being the most memorable home during my time in Asia. To come back to a city where I learned so much will hopefully end up giving me more than I could ask for.

As a freshman at Iowa State University (ISU) studying international business and marketing, I had a goal to get an internship abroad. Now it is unheard of freshmen to obtain internships, let alone almost impossible to get one internationally. I told myself to not get my hopes up, but in the back on my mind I knew that this was my first step as a college student. This would put me in front of other applicants for future employers, and I want to always be one step ahead. Throughout the interview process, I was amazed at how well structured Absolute Internship was. I must say that if it wasn’t for Fredrik van Huynh’s help and patience, I would have not been able to successfully go on with my dream.

55 days stood between finishing my first year at ISU and boarding my 14 hour and 20 minute flight to Shanghai. I thought going home relaxing, and playing golf everyday would be the plan, sadly reality kicked in and I found myself working at a garden center and teaching golf all week. This wasn’t a problem as I had done it in previous years, it did give me time to realize the opportunity I had when I go to china. Will things be the same as it was when I was there? I remember the Pearl Tower, and the Bund, but will my old house and school still be there? The food is one of the many things I look forward to as I can indulge in “authentic” Chinese food and nothing something from the local grocery store here in the US. It is amazing to think that it is so soon that I leave and I have so much still to do, like pack and say goodbye to friends!

In the end, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to prove to myself that I have what it takes to be on an international scale. Everyday since moving to the US, I wonder if I would like to live back in Asia, and I know the answer is always “yes”. I am truly fortunate and eager about this trip, as I will make sure to keep in contact with my family and friends back in the states, along with making new friends from all over the world.

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