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Cloud 9 – one of the highest bars in the world

Cloud 9 – one of the highest bars in the world

17:20 – done with work for today! Two days and financial modelling is finished. Updated financial statements, analysis, calculated estimated income statement for the next quarter of the year. As we are doing spin-off, I divided the company into two seperate businesses, and did estimates for the next 4 years. Sounds impressive. I know;) Just one week ago I wouldnt even know anything what I am talking about right now. One week of internship and I gained so much knowledge. Attended first meeting yesterday with the biggest company producing circuits, chips and other technology services, SMIC. Nice experience! Our boss was so smart that I bet that two out of three people who attended the meeting had no clue what our boss was talking about;) I feel also more relax about working in the office what I have never done before. The awesome thing is that everybody treats us not like interns but really professionals. For Chinese people we sounds important because our english is so good.

Now, when I am writing this blog post I am really enjoying financial world and Shanghai! I am looking down on Pearl Tower from one of the highest bars in the world – Cloud 9, that is located on the 87th floor in Jin Mao Tower, and drinking this Rum Chocolate Strawberry coctail. The sun went down, Pearl Tower lighted up, and I admire the beauty of the city.

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