China here I come!

China here I come!

Hello interns!

I’m doing a Finance Internship in Shanghai this summer in an Investment Management Company in the heart of the financial hub of Shanghai. I am very thankful of Absolute internship to provide me with such a rare and valuable opportunity. I can’t wait to fly over to China!

I’m filled with excitement as this is my first time in China which is known around the globe for its excellent economic growth.

I’m looking forward to meet my new colleagues, the other interns and understand the working culture of an Eastern nation. I hope I will learn more about managing business and financial modelling from experts with an international aspect. This China Internship will help me secure a competitive edge for the future. Moreover, I am also looking forward to meet locals and understand the lifestyle and culture. China is very famous around the world for its wide variety of food cuisines therefore; I will try to make most of the opportunity to try some of the best food.

Absolute Internship has provided us with excellent accommodation for the stay which will add value to my experience plus I will be very fortunate to meet interns around the world.

I am very thrilled for the one of the most valuable summer of my life, China here I come!

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