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Careers Advice for High Schoolers: Choosing Your Path

Careers Advice for High Schoolers

Careers Advice for High Schoolers: Choosing Your Path

Finding Careers Advice for High Schoolers is very difficult because when you’re in high school it is hard to know which way to go with your career and even your choice of degree subject. You’ve studied so many different things, how are you supposed to narrow it down to just one? Having some real world working experience is the best way to find out if the business world, for example, is really what you want to pursue.


Absolute Internship offers high school students the opportunity to undertake a 4-week remote internship experience in one of the four available career tracks: Business, Creative, Tech and Non-Profit. This blog post will dive deeper into each career track and help you choose what’s right for you!


Careers Advice for High Schoolers


Business Career Track


This is for our Wolves of Business Street! Our business career track specializes in learning and using business concepts and theories across different industries, departments, and markets – making a proper blend between economics, business development, entrepreneurship, management, sales, and more to prepare you for a successful career. A professional business experience prepares you to work in several settings and fields, from startups to big corporations or even self-employment.


Creative Career Track


This is for our Creative Natives! Our creative career track is perfect for students looking to use creativity and innovation and pursue a future career in Creative Arts, Marketing, PR or Communication. With the increasing use of social media, mobile and web technologies, creative arts, marketing, and communication have become more important than ever. Finding the right path in this industry is a challenge as it is highly competitive, but our internship program provides you with three things that can give your creative career a boost: in-depth industry insights, an international learning environment, and a growing professional network.


Tech Career Track


This is for our Digital Savvy students! The Tech industry has been experiencing increasing demand from companies and job opportunities for the last few years. This industry is constantly changing and any student pursuing this has to be very adaptable. People that work in these areas play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of societies. By embarking on a Tech internship, you will gain exposure to various technical subjects and skill sets, as well as develop your problem-solving abilities, communication, innovation, and decision-making.


Non-Profit Career Track


This is for our Social Solutionists! Do you want to have a positive impact on society and the environment? Nowadays, social responsibility has become one of the most important factors for a company’s development, its marketing efforts, profits, reputation, and brand image. Find your way to become a social solutionist by working in different working environments, from non-profit organizations or legal corporations to governmental bodies, educational centers, or consultancy firms. Generally, these internships emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to social, political, ethical, and environmental issues and international exposure plays an important role.

Another great resource for Careers Advice for High Schoolers is this 1 minute quiz to help you decide which industry best suits your personality and character traits! You can use it to decide which career path is for you.


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