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Becoming a Program Coordinator After My Internship in London

Joyson Program Coordinator in London

Becoming a Program Coordinator After My Internship in London

Hi! My name is Joyson Daniels. I’m a Canadian citizen originally from Benin Republic in west Africa, where I grew up during my early childhood before migrating to Canada, where I have been living for most of my life.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from York University (Toronto, Canada) in the Bilingual specialized Honours degree of the International Studies program. As I have completed a bilingual degree, I had the opportunity to study both in French and English, which are my first and second languages that I speak and write fluently. One important aspect of my academic journey is that I was opportune to gain an international experience by going on a school year exchange during the academic year 2018-2019 at Keele University in England, where I undertook many courses in my academic field of study and law.


To continue, I am also an Absolute internship alumnus. I engaged myself in completing a professional internship in London (United Kingdom) at the end of my academic year in summer 2019 with a counselling and research company named Medic Pro Limited. The organization is involved in researching pharmaceutical products and laws regulating the export and import of certain restricted drugs in the European Union. This was an unravelling experience that caused me to develop great research and professional skills; self-confidence in stepping out of my comfort zone with learning how to take important risks.

During my stay in London for my internship arranged by Absolute Internship, I was also able to explore many beautiful touristic places and historic monuments in London that made my stay in the city culturally nourishing, memorable and enjoyable.

I decided to become a Program Coordinator to help the students that will be interning this summer 2021 in London and allow them to the best of my abilities to have the same great experience as I did.


London Internship Program 2019


Briefly, I learned how to adapt myself quickly in different environments and there has been a remarkable growth level of self-development that allowed me to grow not just academically and professionally, but also as an individual.

Furthermore, as an enthusiastic, athletic and vibrant person, I enjoy activities such as playing football, dancing, going out with friends to social events and much more! Also, due to my previous experience abroad, I now have a passion to travel. I believe that it’s important for one to leave his or her comfort zone to discover the world, learn about other cultures and see things from a different perspective.

Hence, having the great opportunity to be a Program Coordinator in London, I am expecting to learn a lot from this role as it will expand my leadership and creative skills with all the responsibilities and duties associated with the position I ought to do for the greatest satisfaction and safety of my students during their stay. Also, I hope to learn from the advice and training from my supervisors or any other team member from Absolute Internship that can help me perform well in my position.


Finally, this great role as a Program Coordinator is a way for me to put into practice some of the things I have learned about cultural and social development while completing my degree in International Studies, as well as open doors to pursue a career in the international field by joining the company’s operations or placement teams as a full-time worker later for example.

I am grateful and excited for this great experience that I believe will be rewarding in many ways and will open more doors for me in my professional career!

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