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And so it begins

And so it begins

Hey, my name is Tom Chard and I’ve just completed my 2nd year of a Business degree at the University of Technology, Sydney in Australia. At this point of a degree most people begin looking for internships. I however couldn’t decide whether to do more travelling, or to apply for an internship. This is when I discovered Absolute Internship. The idea of possibly being able to do both travel and work whilst still at University was too good of an opportunity to pass up so I applied, and the journey begun.

It wasn’t too long after applying that I had heard back from the program informing me that I had been accepted and that I was heading off to China to work for a month. The excitement was so intense I couldn’t sleep that night. I started looking up photos of Shanghai and I still cannot believe how amazing the city looks. As it’s getting closer to the departure date, the anxiousness and nervousness is beginning to kick in. How am I going to live and work in a city like this? Over 20 million people in the one city and the intense transformation of the city over the past 20 years just explains the buzzing atmosphere of the city that I cannot wait to experience.

I still can’t imagine what its actually going to be like being immersed in the Chinese city as photos and videos obviously don’t do it justice. Being from Sydney I’m most excited about experiencing the Chinese culture as it is so far from what I am used to, and I cannot wait to eat some traditional Chinese dumplings.

Although I have done a little bit of travelling and absolutely love it, there is a different feeling to this trip. I still cannot fathom that I have actually been given the opportunity to intern in one of the most economically advancing countries in the world. Doing a finance major in Australia makes you dream about working in this industry in a city like Shanghai. Many Australian firms have strong relationships with firms in China and having the ability to see how business operates in China and the way in which these relationships are formed and work is an amazing opportunity.

The internship itself is such an amazing opportunity, however, to be completely honest it is reasonably daunting. With feelings of exhilaration, nervousness, and apprehension, all in all I have a positive feeling about the internship. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and building relationships with the other interns and everybody else I come into contact with during my trip. I hope to take away from Shanghai not only an amazing international working experience but also some new amazing friends and contacts that I will remember for the rest of my life. I am leaping out of my skin at the thought of landing in Shanghai on my own and heading off to my first day of he intern. While it is quite a daunting thought I can’t think of anything else more exciting than doing this.

My experience so far with Absolute Internship has been beyond exceptional. Everyone I have dealt with has been amazing and the help they have provided in terms of Visa’s and other important travel matters. I am very much so looking forward to working further with Absolute Internship throughout the course of my trip. The opportunity that Absolute Internship has provided is absolutely incredible and I cannot even begin to thank them enough for the priceless journey they have introduced me to.

Overall I am extremely excited for the rest of my journey in Shanghai and cannot wait to begin the internship begin meeting new people!

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