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A Normal Day at Work in Madrid

spain intern

A Normal Day at Work in Madrid

When I accepted this internship in Spain, I didn’t know what to expect. This would be my first job in my field of study and going abroad. Having just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business management, I chose to do an internship in entrepreneurship. I work for a startup company which is just a twenty-minute commute from the residence. When I interviewed with my company, I was very intrigued about their product/service. They have created a virtual concierge, which is a widget that is installed into websites for businesses such as hotels, airports, car rental companies and more. The widget allows guests to make an itinerary on the hotel website to find things to do and events to attend on the days of their trip.

Working in a different country has definitely given me a taste of how people work in different countries. The company I work for is very casual and laid back which is a nice change from home. I work from 9-6:30 and have the option to have a more flexible schedule if I want to come in earlier or later. My job has me helping them with proofread the English part of their website and eventually helping out with proposals. I am also contributing to prospecting potential clients in the U.S. This involves scouting out hotels and their sites to see if they are moving in a direction where they would need a widget like ours to put on their site. After this, we have to search for the proper contacts in order to discuss the product with, usually being a director of sales or marketing. At around 11am, the whole office has a coffee break and hangs out for a bit. When lunchtime comes around everyone orders food and sits and socializes. I enjoy the social aspect of Spain because I feel like people in the U.S. are more to themselves so it’s a nice change.

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