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This is more than only an internship

This is more than only an internship


This month is much more than only an internship.

It is a learning experience: through the lectures and guest speaker series Absolute Internship organizes, we have been able to get a peek inside some of the world’s most reputable firms – Bloomberg and IKEA and talk to the professionals about their career paths and the obstacles their firms face in Hong Kong and what strategies they use to adapt their business model to the local business culture. We also had the chance to meet Mr Steve, who shared with us his view on the future of the world economy and gave us some advice about the priorities we should have in our education and career.

This month is also a great cultural experience – through the trips and activities organized by Absolute, we are able to see some of the most famous sights and landmarks of Hong Kong. From Victoria Peak we saw the night covering city and the skyscrapers shining so brightly as if it was daytime. In Lantau we got sunburned on our way to the Big Buddha (but it was really worth it!) and then tried some strange-looking but nevertheless delicious fish in a small traditional village.


But apart from all these adventures organized by Absolute, maybe one of the most valuable or even priceless outcomes of this trip are the friendships that we’ve all made. For the past three weeks I’ve met such great people who are curious to go out there and explore, taste and try all the incredible things Hong Kong and the nearby cities have to offer. Together we saw the famous 10000 Buddha statues at the temple; we went to try our luck in Macau, hoping to make a winning bet; we ate some fruit we’ve never even seen before; we sat peacefully in the Good Wish Garden; we wandered around the markets mastering our bargaining skills; we took at least a billion selfies on each step… And these are just some of the great moments we have had so far!

Maybe there are certain aspects of Hong Kong that I don’t really feel comfortable with, for instance the humidity and the language barrier. But the things that make this entire trip absolutely worth it are the wonderful Intern Heroes I have by my side and all adventures we have taken together.

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