A Little Advice

A Little Advice

First off, for future interns who may read this, I am by no means the all-knowing god. I, too, am still learning about Chinese culture, the workplace, and professionalism. 6 weeks working in a foreign country, is a long time, but not long enough to become an expert. That being said, I do have some useful tips for when you decide to join the intern ranks and fight for an experience.

1. Walk! Walk! Walk!
When you are in China, or any foreign area for that matter, take as many walks around the city as you can. It’s super exciting to be in a new city, and exploring new areas is a lot of fun! Take a walk and explore. Very few of you are going to work out every day, so by walking to most places, you get a decent exercise. Plus, the more you walk, the more familiar you become with the area.

hayes shanghai2. Enjoy Every Moment
Sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back, look around, think about how blessed you are, and enjoy the moment. When we went to the Great Wall of China, I tried to cherish every moment I had because I never knew if I would return. There will be times when you are frustrated or upset, just relax and remember where you are. You’re doing an internship in a foreign country; life is good!

3. Remember Why You’re Here
It is very easy to get distracted when in a foreign country with friends, especially when the drinking age is 18! Remember that you are on this trip to work, and that is your number one priority. Make fun, but smart decisions on the weekdays, so you can make the most out of your work experience. When at work, my biggest piece of advice is to trust your gut. Your supervisor will respect you more if you have self-confidence in your work. If something is wrong, you can always fix it. Don’t be the guy who asks a million questions in fear of being wrong.

shanghai food4. Be Open-Minded
I think all of us can agree that Chinese culture differs from Western culture. Even if you aren’t going to China, you will still see cultural differences amongst this new city and your own. Do not go into your trip thinking that your culture is better. It is important to think of another culture as different and not beneath. There is no hierarchy when it comes to culture, only difference.

I hope those 4 tips help you for when you embark on this amazing journey. If you have any questions or just want to talk about my experience before you make your decision or before you depart, my contact information is below. I hope you will enjoy the moment as much as I did!

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