A fascinating culture

A fascinating culture

A fascinating culture. New friends and like-minded people. The experience of a real working environment. A valuable insight into a possible career path. Chinese food on tap. These are my expectations as I approach my month long internship in Shanghai.

I am a second year student at the University of Manchester, studying PPE. Internships have been a hot topic at university this year, and I knew that it was necessary that I secure one. I was slightly tentative about arranging an internship because I know that my favourite thing to do is to travel. An internship eating away at the summer may have prevented this. I am overjoyed that I have been able to reconcile an internship with travel with the help of Absolute Internship; especially as Shanghai is somewhere that I so desire to visit.


I am someone who thrives when immersed into different cultures to my own. I have volunteered in Kenya and Ghana on teaching placements and found myself incredibly content when surrounded by a diverse group of people, able to work and socialize together. I expect to be confronted by similar situations in Shanghai and am truly excited at the thought of the people I will meet.

Environments filled with customs and traditions so vastly different to my Western culture solidifies in my mind the colour of the planet and people. I can’t wait to compare my experience of Shanghai to those I have of the Western world and the developing world. I understand that Shanghai is the second most Westernized city in China, after Hong Kong. Despite this, I still expect living in Shanghai to be vastly different from my life here in England.




The quick communication with Absolute Internship means I have been well informed about my internship throughout the process of securing it. With my departure date and internship confirmed, all I can do is allow my excitement and anticipation to build.

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