5 Remote Internship Tips for Better Work

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5 Remote Internship Tips for Better Work

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, one of the biggest challenges for people was adapting to life indoors. Just about everything had to shift online – schools and workplaces were among some of the most affected by these changes. In the blink of an eye, remote work and learning had to become the new normal. Remote internships have become normal, too.

Almost three years since the onset of quarantine and isolation protocols, people have adapted well to the life of remote work. Companies, in particular, have shifted to more of a hybrid setup than a full in-office setup. Some have even opted to go fully remote đź‘€

And employees have had a great response to it – so much so that 64% would quit their jobs if they had to go back to the office full-time.

People have grown to appreciate remote work and do their tasks (and more), even from home. These opportunities have expanded to interns, as well. Remote internships have grown in popularity in the past years.

Wondering why?

Why do a remote internship

Without a doubt, internships help interns gain experience. But same question with schools and with work prior to the shift to online platforms: would you be able to learn and perform to the fullest while doing things remotely? This is a valid concern for everyone – be it companies concerned about productivity, schools concerned about education, or the individuals doing the work and learning.

While all of those things may be valid concerns, there’s an answer to it all: yep, you can still do great when you’re taking on virtual internships.

People have made the misconception that doing things online means you’re providing a lesser quality of work or have less dedication – which simply just isn’t true. 47% of workers have even become more productive while working from home! This proves that working remotely can still mean a great quality of work and learning.

Truthfully, working remotely simply gives people the opportunity to balance their time better. Taking on remote internships can give you the same freedom, too. It only takes some practice and building good habits.

Here are some tips to do better work while taking on online internships:

How to ace your online internship

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Set goals and expectations

One of the best ways to measure your success in remote internships is by setting goals and tracking your progress.

To be able to do this, one of the first things you should do is to step back and take a look at the company: what are its values? What goals does the company have, and how can I contribute to the achievement of those goals? What can and should I learn during my time in this virtual internship?

Studying these simple facts are important parts of ensuring your success as an intern. Other things you should take the time to study are company culture, team structure, and other similar “small” things that will help you fully adjust to your new work environment.

Additionally, a lot of employees who work from home also set boundaries for themselves when it comes to working. They typically establish firm working hours and work on maintaining good boundaries when it comes to working within those hours only. When you take up your virtual internships, you should also exercise this practice to avoid burnout!

Speaking with your supervisor should be able to help you set expectations and work on staying on track with your goals.

Keep asking for feedback

Along the tangent of speaking with your supervisor, another important success factor for remote internships is asking for feedback.

Sure, you can simply ask how you’re doing – but why not level it up a little bit?

When asking for feedback, make sure that you’re coming prepared. Make a list of your achievements and challenges to share with the person managing you. Document those daily small wins and questions, then share them with your supervisor! This is sure to help make taking up virtual internships both more manageable and exciting.

Another practice to consider is overcommunication.

Asking for feedback doesn’t just mean doing something and showing it to whoever it needs to be shown to. It means actively asking questions, seeking to learn the most out of every opportunity, and taking initiative. Update when you can, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and always be open to improvement.

Keep learning

A lot of young adults take up remote internships for one very important reason: to learn, of course!

Virtual internships are great learning experiences for students – especially now that the world has transitioned to either hybrid or fully remote work setups, these opportunities really help interns prep for the real thing.

In addition to learning how you can adapt to the world of remote work, online internships also give you the opportunity to absorb knowledge from the work experiences that you get, AND the people that you work with. Despite things being done online, there are still a ton of things for interns to learn while completing their virtual internships.

Taking up remote internships also gives interns the chance to figure things out in terms of what they like, what they don’t, and what they want to do. This insight is EXTREMELY important when it comes to planning out what you want to do in the future, too! You could consider it as testing grounds for when you finally map out your career.

Connect with your workmates

A great way to make the most out of remote internships is by connecting with the people in your workplace, too!

This can seem like a challenge in online setups, but it’s always worth a try to communicate with your supervisor that this is something that you’re interested in. Your coworkers are people who can give you tips about your position and the industry, as well as serve as potential mentors and future connections.

To connect with them, you can also offer to help people out – after all, isn’t that one of the best ways to gain experience through online internships? Check in to see what areas you can be of service in aside from your usual duties. Don’t be afraid to learn!

Just do your best

The last, and possibly most important tip of them all, is to simply do your best.

You have to remember that doing your best can look different each day, too! Not every day will be a 110% performance day. You’ll have slow days, off days, or even bad days. But making mistakes doesn’t mean that you’re a bad intern or that you’re incapable of succeeding in the role or in the industry.

Remote internships are made to be learning opportunities. And every person that goes through learning is bound to make mistakes and take a few tries before mastery! Don’t beat yourself up or hold yourself to unrealistic standards. Extend kindness to yourself and just keep showing up.

While it’s true that virtual internships can seem intimidating or unproductive at first, a little bit of research can help you determine why it’s worth taking a chance for! You get to learn and grow, all from the comfort of your own home.

Remote internships are a great way to hone your work-specific skills, create connections, and prep for the real world work life! If you’re excited for online internships, you’re in luck – we can help you prepare, especially for those all-important interviews.

Good luck, future interns!

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