3 Reasons You Should Try Seoul Internships

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3 Reasons You Should Try Seoul Internships

Wondering what’s so cool about Seoul internships?

The answer’s actually shockingly straightforward: everything about it is pretty awesome. 😉

South Korea has been booming with life, especially in recent years, in terms of both business development and cultural achievements. Its capital, Seoul, in particular! From developments in companies like LG and Samsung to the extremely colorful and talented K-Pop industry, all eyes have been on South Korea for a while.

Many people have even come to love the country and everything it has to offer. Whether you’re interested in business growth and finance or in high-quality films or their diverse music industry, people have flocked to the country to experience what it has to offer! In fact, in September 2022 alone, over 330,000 people visited the country.

So why, as an intern, should you be interested in Korean internships? 👀

South Korea as a business powerhouse

Here’s the thing: industries in South Korea don’t only exist, but they thrive.

Yep, we already mentioned that businesses are doing well in the country. But how well?

Bloomberg has actually named South Korea’s economy as the most innovative economy in the world. Seoul is, without a doubt, actually one of the most prominent business hubs in the country AND on the continent. This is one of the reasons why Seoul internships should be on your radar!

There are tons of opportunities for aspiring interns who want to take up internships in Korea. This is especially true if you’re interested in telecommunications, electronics, or even the entertainment industry.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider taking up Seoul internships:

What’s so good about a Seoul internship?

1. Rich Korean culture

One of the best reasons to take up internships in Korea is because of the cultural experience.

If you’re a fan of historical sites, South Korea is rich with great stories – whether you’re looking for museums, temples, or local handicrafts, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to peek into the country’s past with the vast experiences you can check out. There’s definitely a ton to learn, which you can access even without leaving the city.

Another major plus of checking out Seoul internships? The food is amazing! South Korean food is typically full of salty, spicy, and savory flavors. More famously, Korean barbecue (or KBBQ) has taken the world by storm. I mean, who doesn’t love grilling a variety of flavorful things at once, right? 😋🍢

You actually don’t even have to go to restaurants to experience the great food – if you’re looking for Korean internships, you’ll soon learn that office workers LOVE going out to get amazing street food. There are tons of tastes for different preferences: mozzarella-filled corn dogs, chewy rice cakes, or even seafood and noodles.

Depending on what you’re into, you can even go to themed cafes, upscale restaurants, or experience one-of-a-kind cultural immersions that you’re bound to enjoy!

2. Great city life

Living in Seoul has other perks, too! The city life has a ton of things to offer for the young and curious.

Each of the city’s neighborhoods has their own unique identity – and each day is an opportunity to check out these sights, sounds, colors, and stories for yourself! Depending on if you’re interested in culture, food, or nightlife, there’s a ton of adventures to take on…

When you aren’t busy with your Seoul internships, of course. 😉

If you’re into coffee, you’re in luck: South Korea has actually established itself as one of the best places to visit for coffee in Asia. Not only are the drinks of great quality, but Seoul is actually known for its themed cafes! Nature cafes, Hello Kitty cafes… you name it! Get to know the different drinks in the city while indulging your different interests.

Of course, the nightlife is also popular – people flock to Seoul to experience the parties and clubs that leave people with memories to last a lifetime. Festivals are also extremely popular in the city and often draw in tourists. (And as it happens, also all additional benefits of pursuing Korean internships!)

3. World-class mentors

Fun experiences aside, Korean internships are also a great opportunity to learn about workplaces and career-building firsthand.

While cultural experiences are valuable, it’s also important to get a grasp of these important work skills!

Prepare yourself for internship opportunities by looking up firsthand internship tips and doing your research.

As mentioned, South Korea indeed has the world’s most innovative economy – and this couldn’t have been made possible without the amazing people that work across the different industries. All of them have contributed to the success of the country! And for sure, you’ll have something to learn from them, too.

Work culture in South Korea, while known to be hierarchical, offers a lot of learning opportunities. Taking up a Seoul internship could mean long, productive days… which will, of course, help you prepare yourself for the real-world work experience in the future!

Ready to get going?

There are tons of different, compelling reasons why you should take up an internship in Korea.

Different South Korean companies have started to open up opportunities for international students. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can find your own Korean internships!

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