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We would love to tell you how wonderful it is to intern abroad with Absolute, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it – we want to encourage you to listen to the Absolute community instead. We’re always listening with our ears open – come read or watch along with us.

We also believe that a video is worth a thousand words and want to invite you to watch the videos made by the Absolute community. These testimonials are our inspiration every day for providing you the best internship experience we can.

Maddy Testimonial

Maria Testimonial

Serena Testimonial


Public Relations – Singapore
University of Leicester


Finance – Hong Kong
John Cabot University


Human Resources – Hong Kong
James Madison University

Joey Testimonial

Jackie Testimonial

Clara Testimonial


Marketing – Singapore
Lancaster University


Fashion – Hong Kong
Cardiff University


Event Management – Singapore
University of Worcester

Ruben Testimonial

Farrah Testimonial

Clara Testimonial

Ruben (Español)

Business Development – Shanghai
University of Texas – San Antonio

Farrah (中国)

Public Relations – London
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Pierre (français)

Finance – London
Louvain School of Management

Juliando Testimonial

Yanni Testimonial

James Testimonial


Business Development – London
Coventry University

Yanni (中国)

Finance – Singapore
University of Edinburgh


Finance – Shanghai
Aston University

Emma Testimonial

Julie Testimonial

Danaya Testimonial

Emma (Italiano)

Human Resources – Shanghai
LUISS Guido Carli

Julie (français)

Marketing – Singapore
Lancaster University


Business Development – Singapore
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Dhriti Testimonial

Phoebe Testimonial

Justin Testimonial


Fashion – Singapore
The University of Nottingham


Architecture – Singapore
The University of Hong Kong


Business Development – Shanghai
Exeter University

Gerardo Testimonial

Daarshinie Testimonial

Pau Testimonial

Gerardo (Español)

Business Development – Shanghai
University of Texas at San Antonio


Finance – Shanghai
Monash University

Pau (Español)

Pharmaceutical – Shanghai
University of Girona

Salvatore Testimonial

Paula Testimonial

Lorenzo Testimonial

Salvatore (Italiano)

Law – Shanghai
LUISS Guido Carli

Paula (Español)

Business Development – Shanghai
Universidad Pontifica Comillas


Business Development – Shanghai
King’s College London


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