Shanghai Visa

When joining the Shanghai program, if you do not own a Chinese Citizenship or a Home Return Permit (港澳居民来往内地通行证) you must obtain a Chinese Visa allowing you to undertake an internship in China for a limited period of time. This visa will give you one entry to China.

Upon enrollment into the program you will receive a list of documents needed for you to process your visa.  Please note that the visa process and fee is not included in the program fee.


If you are already in China on a student visa (X1/X2)
An X1/X2 visa allows you to study and undertake an unpaid internship in Mainland China. Make sure to register with the police within the 30 days after your arrival in China to get a residence permit.

If your student visa will expire during the internship you must apply for a new visa in your home country or Hong Kong.

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