The Complete Guide to Internships in Spain

Internship in Spain

The Complete Guide to Internships in Spain

Are you thinking about broadening your horizons with an internship abroad?

Spain, with its vibrant culture, dynamic economy, and rich history, stands out as an attractive destination. 

For American college students, the prospect of interning in Spain may at first seem daunting, but this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process – and highlight the many benefits of this kind of experience.

Can US Citizens Intern in Europe?

US citizens can absolutely intern in Europe. In fact, the United States has a strong history of exchanging talents and ideas with Europe, and internships are a perfect way to participate in this tradition. 

Spain is specifically an excellent destination for American interns due to its growing economy, diverse industries, and its strong position in the European Union. 

With popular cities like Madrid and Barcelona offering a range of internship opportunities, it’s not hard to see why many students choose to intern here.

But before packing your bags, you need to understand which industries are most accessible to international interns. Spain’s most prominent sectors include tourism, technology, engineering, and renewable energy. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive – these are just a few of the many areas where internships are prevalent and where U.S. citizens may find rewarding opportunities to gain international experience.

What Are the Benefits of Internships in Spain for English Speakers?

Spain’s diversity and warm climate make it an appealing choice for just about anyone, regardless of their native language. The Spanish language’s global relevance is an undeniable asset, as is the opportunity to immerse oneself in art, culture, and history. 

Because of this, Spain is not only a gateway to European business but also to cross-cultural experiences that can enrich both your personal and professional lives.

1. Improve Your Language Skills 

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment can greatly improve your language proficiency. Not only is this a significant personal achievement, but it also enhances your professional portfolio by making you bilingual – a highly desired skill in the job market.

2. Add Value to Your Resume

If you’re able to complete an intenraionl experience, it signals adaptability, independence, and a willingness to learn and take on new challenges. These are qualities employers highly value and are an invaluable addition to your resume. They also demonstrate a broader perspective, which can separate you from other candidates in a competitive job market.

3. Uncover a Brand-New Culture

Internship In Spain

Navigating life and work in a different cultural setting expands your worldview. It teaches you to approach problems in diverse ways and to understand and respect others who have different backgrounds. A multicultural approach is increasingly necessary in the globalized economy, making this insight a marketable attribute. 

It also helps you build your independence. Living abroad requires you to adapt to a new environment, which encourages independence and resourcefulness. From dealing with language barriers to navigating public transportation, interning in Spain will push you out of your comfort zone and foster personal growth.

4. Benefit from a Growing Economy

Spain’s economy has been steadily growing, especially in industries like tourism, renewable energy, and technology. By interning in these sectors, you can gain exposure to a growing field and potentially learn from the best in an industry that remains underrepresented in the States.

5. Relax in a Warm Climate

If you’re seeking respite from harsh winters (we’re looking at you, New Yorkers), Spain’s year-round temperate climate is a major draw. Enjoying the sun can contribute to overall well-being and also allows for year-round access to the outdoor lifestyle that Spaniards are famous for.

6. Build Your Professional and Personal Network

Your internship abroad will expose you to a new set of professional contacts and friends, both in Spain and internationally. This network can be of great value, offering new perspectives and career opportunities not only in Spain but also across the globe.

What to Expect When Interning in Spain

An internship in Spain can be a life-changing experience, but it’s important to be well-prepared.

Travel Visas and Passport Requirements

First and foremost, U.S. citizens planning an internship in Spain will need to obtain a visa. 

Students interning as part of their studies may be eligible for a Schengen visa, while graduates seeking post-grad internships will need to apply for a different type of visa, depending on the duration and nature of their stay.

Decide Which Type of Internship is Right for You

There are two primary types of internships in Spain: curricular and extracurricular. The former is for current college students and is academically related, while the latter is a voluntary program for those who have graduated. 

Both have specific requirements and benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that aligns best with your academic and career goals.

Time Commitment

Though this can vary, an internship in Spain is generally not a short-term affair. Students should be prepared to commit to a program that typically lasts between six and twelve months. This allows for a more comprehensive approach to learning and professional development.

Finding the Right City

Spain is a varied country with distinct regional differences. Your experience will differ greatly depending on the city you choose for your internship. While Barcelona and Madrid are the most popular, other cities, such as Seville and Bilbao, offer their own unique experiences and industries.

Mastering the Language Requirements

Fluency in Spanish is not always a prerequisite, but it is highly advantageous for internships in Spain. Familiarity with the language will enhance your ability to communicate in the workplace and immerse yourself in the local culture. There are many language schools and online resources available to help you get started.

What to Expect for Salary

Internship salaries in Spain generally range from modest to nonexistent – again, this is because the primary focus is on learning and contributing to the organization. Most internships, however, do offer non-monetary benefits like housing assistance and meals. The opportunity is more about the experience and the future opportunities it affords.

How to Get An Internship in Spain

Finding an internship in Spain can be a challenge, but with the right resources and approach, it’s very possible.

Many American universities have connections with Spanish organizations that cater to international interns. Utilize the resources provided by your school, such as career fairs, job boards, and alumni networks.

Even better? Turn to the pros. Absolute Internship specializes in placing students in itnerships all around thew world – including in Spain. We’ll provide guidance on the process, assist with the paperwork, and connect you with reputable companies that offer internships that might interest you.

Take the leap today and learn more about our programs. Contact us for more information on how to get started on your internship adventure in Spain. With the right support, your dream of interning in Spain is closer than you think.

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