Summer Internships in Barcelona for an Unforgettable Professional Journey 

summer internship in Spain

Summer Internships in Barcelona for an Unforgettable Professional Journey 

Barcelona is an extremely popular destination for those looking to escape, relax, and vacation in gorgeous destinations filled with colorful buildings and friendly people. But the beach is not all Barcelona is great for! 

Have you ever considered the benefits of a summer internship in Barcelona? The city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts people from around the globe, making it a great place to witness differing perspectives, practice global communication, and foster cultural understanding. Sounds good? Read on to see why embarking on a summer internship in Barcelona will be an unforgettable experience in culture and personal growth. 

Workplace Culture

Barcelona, like other European countries, tends to maintain a very relaxed vibe. This plays a huge part into their work culture, as many Barcelonians take work life balance gravely seriously. Taking a siesta is a very real (though significantly less common in urban settings) and highly encouraged part of the day. It is entirely normal to take a break during your work day by having a longer lunch or actually returning home for rest. While taking a siesta or an actual nap isn’t very common, it’s important to take a break and recharge for the remainder of the day. 

A late start to the day is not uncommon here, as many businesses within Barcelona tend to have a slightly later start compared to other cities. They believe that starting the day refreshed, not rushed, is extremely important to one’s productivity, and frankly, we love that energy. Make sure to maintain some semblance of timeliness of course as a precaution, and check to see what the vibe is of your place of work. But take your time and enjoy this unique benefit of interning in Barcelona.

During your summer internship in Spain, depending on the duration of your experience, you may notice many Spaniards take a “holiday” during August. While hard to believe since you are actively in a location that seems fit for a vacation, many coworkers will be unreachable during this time and it’s simply a large part of their determination to maintain a boundary between work and life. It is extremely common for Spainards to take the entire month off, though this is becoming less common. 

Summer Internships in Barcelona for an Unforgettable Professional Journey

Barcelona maintains a classy, laid back, professional attire vibe. No need to whip out a full suit, but keep the flip flops at home: lighter fabrics, especially in the summer, reign supreme in fashion here. As for what you can expect in office, as stated above the relaxed pace of life is greatly reflected in the pace of work. Of course, there is still an emphasis on productivity and achieving one’s goals, there is also a deep understanding of the need for breaks to maintain solid effort. Another huge aspect of working culture in Barcelona is a sense of teamwork. Open communication, sharing of ideas, and working collectively are paramount to achieving common goals in the eyes of Barcelonians. You will have no issue building relationships with those you work with as relationships hold weight in their culture. Building rapport and maintaining good relationships with those you work with is integral to the success of your time there. Not only will it help you excel within your internship, but it will aid in growing your network for the future. 

Pro-tip: Coffee breaks are very important in Barcelona and Spanish culture in general, and are often thought of as a time to engage with your coworkers and get to know them better while also sharing your ideas in a low stress environment. This is a great time to make connections with your colleagues and ask them your hard hitting questions! Grab an espresso from a nearby cafe (or an office coffee machine) and enjoy getting to know those around you in a low stakes way! 

The City’s Culture

Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of non-work time to explore the beautiful city during your summer internship in Barcelona! Be ready to party, as it is very common to go out to bars (as long as you’re of age of course) very late into the evenings, even on weekday nights. Barcelona’s nightlife is a great way to meet people from all over the globe and to even practice some of your Spanish outside of an office setting. And before every great night out is a fabulous dinner! You’ll have no issues finding that here, with Barcelona’s culinary scene being one of the best on the planet. Enjoy tapas to seafood paella, as you work your way through the tastes, smells, and textures of Spain’s food. 

Of course, art and architecture are also huge parts of Barcelona’s charm, with the awe-inspiring (and never finished) Sagrada Familia and the stunning maze of the Gothic Quarter, interns will be completely amazed. From the Park Guell, to Casa Batillo, there are so many whimsical and imaginative designs making a living canvas around the city for you to enjoy. Don’t forget, if you run out of amazing things to see outside, there are also amazing treasures to see indoors as well. The Picasso Museum has world class artworks, as does the Joan Miro FOundation. Both allow one to really get to understand the gorgeousness that is Spanish art paired stunningly with the vibrant street art you’ll see all throughout Barcelona, it’s clear you’ll have a feast for your eyes. Not only is the city itself beautiful but the land it sits on is as well. With the beautiful Mediterranean right next door, it will be hard to stay focused! 

On your summer internship in Barcelona, you are sure to experience extreme personal and professional growth as you dive deeper into skills of globalism, perseverance, and self- confidence. This is so much more than just a professional endeavor, but a transformative passage in a young intern’s life that will provide lasting benefits for a lifetime. Barcelona is more than a destination, it’s a launching pad and you are about to be catapulted into a journey of self-discover. Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable journey?

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