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The Best Cities to Intern Abroad for Your Career Field in 2019

The Best Cities to Intern Abroad for Your Career Field in 2019

International internships allow you to discover a new perspective on any given field that will make your resume stand out in a massive pool of job applicants after graduating. You get to experience a totally different work culture, build international connections, and maybe even practice a new language! Why would you limit yourself to the opportunities back home?

The best cities to intern abroad in 2019 will inspire you to make the right choice, always keeping in mind your career field. Let’s dive in to some of the most common industries for international internships and recommended locations for each!

Where to Gain International Experience Based on Your Field

1. Accounting Internships

If accounting is your university major or career field, you want to select a big Asian economy, such as Shanghai or Singapore. These are two of the most exciting destinations for summer internships, and they will help you spice up your CV to kick off your successful consultancy career. Shanghai is the beating heart of China’s growth, and we make sure you are placed in outstanding accommodation in the center of this past-faced city.

2. Event Planning & PR Internships

Are you into wedding planning, conference and fair preparations or corporate event planning? From publicity to media communications and project management, our suggestions here are London and Madrid. Often topping bucket lists as a European travel destination, the UK capital is a leading force in advertising, arts, and public relations. For prospective interns looking for the added extra of developing their Spanish skills, experiencing the rich Spanish culture, or even just a bit of sun, Madrid has an abundance of opportunities in this field (both English and Spanish-speaking).

3. Engineering Internships

For key engineering sectors, such as civil, electrical or mechanical engineering, there’s no better place to gain relevant engineering experience than Asia, due to the rapid growth taking place in territories such as China and Singapore. On the other hand, make sure you consider Lisbon as a popular destination if IT engineering is your industry.

4. Graphic Design Internships

Are you a creative young designer? Open yourself up to a new work culture -and afternoon siestas- in Barcelona, and expand your global design skills during your internship abroad. This artsy and sunny cosmopolitan city will provide you with valuable work experience, harnessing current trends and matching your raw creativity to the needs of the market. PSST! Don’t forget to enjoy the Mediterranean coast during your downtime!

5. Finance Internships

Hong Kong and Singapore  is a critical global center of finance, business and trade, and has one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the region. Popular positions in these locations are in corporate finance, venture capital, private equity, investment banking and financial research. IMPORTANT NOTE: extremely competitive sector!

6. Fashion Internships

In this highly competitive industry, international fashion internships can define a successful career. Do you want to discover the public relations/marketing side of a fashion business? Do you want to be part of the designers team? The top destinations for fashion internships abroad are clearly Montreal, Hong Kong and London: Montreal for its art galleries and charming clothing boutiques; Hong Kong for its diversity of retailers, both large and small; and London, for hosting the leading fashion designers and companies in areas like Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Chelsea.

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General fields

If your university major is Marketing or Business and you are hoping to find an international internship within these two broad industries, it’s safe to say that any of the mentioned destinations will provide you with tons of opportunities, as well as the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and the emerging city of South America, Bogota.

It’s good to gain valuable business development experience or choose a marketing internship abroad when you don’t have a clear and specific idea on what you’re most passionate about, what you’re best at, or even what you find less satisfying. This way, you can trial different tasks such as project management, e-commerce, digital communications or sales, and decide later on what path to follow.


Next steps to book internship programs abroad

2019 could be your year to travel, and we can help make it happen! Take the first step towards your experience abroad! Get free recommendations on which industry you should go for or where you should be flying to to match your travel goals:


Still have doubts about where to go? Discover 10 Corporate Cultural Differences between east and west that will help you make an educated decision if you’re considering interning abroad.

Whether you´re already dead set on your dream city, or still exploring your options, joining an international internship program exposes you to a world of professional experience and cultural know-how. An internship is also one of the most worthwhile ways to make the most out of your summer break. Make 2019 your year!

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