Swedish Museums: Where to Go On Your Stockholm Internship

Swedish Museum for Your Stockholm Internship

Swedish Museums: Where to Go On Your Stockholm Internship

If you haven’t thought about a Stockholm internship, you’re missing out!

More and more students are taking interest in international internships. Pursuing a Stockholm internship is getting particularly popular! Internships taken locally are already enriching, learning-filled experiences – students get to immerse themselves in work, get to make connections, and also use the experience for future applications. And that’s already amazing by itself. But when you take an internship abroad, the experience is even further enriched, as you get to find yourself surrounded by a new environment and a new culture, too.

Without a doubt an internship abroad is an amazing opportunity 👏🏻

Why take a Stockholm internship

You must be wondering: of all of the places, why a Stockholm internship?

And that’s a fair question: Stockholm isn’t exactly as popular of a destination as other European cities. When people plan continental travel, they usually stay in sunnier, more tourist-y areas like Paris, Rome, and Athens. These are great destinations, but that doesn’t mean that Stockholm isn’t, either.

In fact, Sweden has actually been recognized to have the best quality of life in the world! Tourists, expats, and locals alike enjoy their time in Stockholm, and are also well-provided for by the government. In addition to this, Stockholm is a major hub for startups – many of them being in tech. Larger companies also reside here, meaning that opportunities are aplenty for the people who are both interested in tech and looking for something else.

A Stockholm internship is also a great idea because of the life and culture that you’re bound to experience during your stay. From city life in nightclubs to sprawling, beautiful country sides, there are a ton of things to learn and see while you’re in the area.

Sweden is full of culture

Did you know that Sweden has been lived in for at least 12,000 years?

The earliest settlers arrived to what is now Sweden that long ago. But Sweden itself became a country in the 14th century. Its history is filled with that of prehistoric discovery, Vikings, the shifts between war and peace, and with even more innovations in modern times. That means that there’s a rich background to uncover when it comes to getting to know the country.

Aside from the long, winding history of Sweden, many people have flocked to Stockholm to partake in the fun, lively city life. People from all over the world have come to the city to add their own unique flair to it, too.

If you find yourself wanting to explore the city and learn more about Sweden during your Stockholm internship, don’t miss these great museums:

What museums to visit on your Stockholm internship

ABBA Museum

Swedish Museum for Your Stockholm Internship

One of the world’s most well-known bands is ABBA, who took the world by storm in the 1970s and 1980s! Despite years having passed, their music remains well-loved, both in Sweden and across all reaches of the world. As some of the country’s most iconic citizens, this museum was opened to the public in 2013 to honor the story and success of the band. There’s a unique twist for museum-goers, as well, as they get to interact with the exhibits rather than just browsing.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is, without a doubt, something unique to Stockholm. Home to the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship, this exhibit shows an almost fully-intact ship. The ship named Vasa capsized and sank in 1628, before being salvaged and put on display. Aside from the ship itself, there are also exhibits which talk about life on the ship, historical tour guides, and even a restaurant!

Nordiska Museet

When it comes to Swedish history and culture, the Nordiska Museet is your best bet. Also known as the Nordic Museum, this famous museum is home to over one and a half million exhibits, all of which depict the life, culture, and history of Sweden. It was founded in 1873 and opened in 1926, and holds historic artifacts from as far back as prehistoric times.

The Nobel Prize Museum

Swedish Museum for Your Stockholm Internship

The museum’s name is quite self-explanatory: the Nobel Prize Museum shares about the life of founder Alfred Nobel, as well as gives guests the chance to stroll through halls of 20th-century and 21st-century innovations. While browsing the contents of this museum, you’ll find the story behind Nobel Prize awardees and their contributions; as well as get the chance to learn more about invention and the natural sciences.

Prep for your Stockholm internship

There are a ton of things to learn once you’re in Stockholm: the culture is rich, the people are diverse, and there’s much to explore. If you find yourself pursuing a Stockholm internship, make sure to maximize your experience by learning about the life and culture in the country, too!

Aside from going to museums, don’t miss the must-see attractions and experiences in the city, which are sure to make your experience more fulfilling.

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