These Experiences Are A MUST On Your Stockholm Internship!

These Experiences Are A MUST On Your Stockholm Internship!

Wondering what’s so good about a Stockholm internship?

Here’s the thing: taking on an internship is already a great learning experience. You get to learn more about your chosen industry, get your feet wet when it comes to real work, and make connections that will last a lifetime! You really get to get your career started.

But taking an international internship? That’s really a way to level things up!

Taking an internship abroad also gives you the opportunity to become more independent, get to know more about yourself, and learn more about the world around you, too. So that’s even more of a learning experience that you normally already would have when you take an internship near you! You really get to soak up all this new knowledge.

Why take a Stockholm internship

Of all of the places in the world, you might be wondering: WHY a Stockholm internship? What’s so good about taking an internship in Stockholm?

The answer to these questions is simple! Stockholm is one of the safest cities to visit in Europe and across the world. There’s a low average crime rate in the city, and even foreigners enjoy safe trips here. Despite the city’s relatively high cost of living, it’s still comparatively cheaper than living in the U.S., and offers a much safer environment to live in.

In addition to these already great advantages, Sweden itself is home to a ton of great experiences that are culturally enriching. It’s one of the longest-settled places in Europe, having been settled since the 6th millennium, and a city since 1252. Whether you want to try new cuisine, learn about history, or check out amazing art, Stockholm has much to offer.

If you’re considering pursuing a Stockholm internship (or are already even preparing for one!), then make sure to add these must-see sights to your bucket list.

Where to go on your Stockholm internship

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

Sweden is home to a monarchy that’s been around since the tenth century. The family’s history and heritage spans a thousand years, meaning that there’s a lot to see and learn. The Royal Palace was first built from a single tower – one built in the 13th century. The plans for the new palace began in the 17th century, and up until present, the Swedish Monarchy still lives here!

ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum

Not only is Sweden rich with history, but it’s also filled with cultural experiences! ABBA is one of the world’s largest pop bands, all of whom are native to Sweden. In this unique museum, you’re able to become the fifth member of the band, and see the history of their recordbreaking run. It’s been open since 2013 and has been entertaining guests with its interactive exhibits.



Long before modern man, the Vikings called Sweden home. If you’re looking to experience their fashion, food, and culture, Aifur is the place to go! The restaurant opened in 2011 and serves cuisine that’s tied to Viking culture. The interior is also decorated with artifacts and has live music, too.

Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas

Here’s something that’s definitely unique about Stockholm: the Codex Gigas! While not typically considered a tourist destination, it’s definitely something that you can see only in Stockholm. The Codex Gigas is the largest extant medieval illuminated manuscript in the world – but aside from that, it’s considered by many to be a Satanic bible. There are magic spells, formulas, chants, and scripts from a Bohemian monastery! It was brought to the country as a spoil of war in the 17th century. Until this day, nobody has been able to decode it! Travel to the National Library of Sweden to take a peek.

Ribbinska Huset

The Ribbinska Huset in Stockholm

This is something that’s a little bit more familiar – the colorful houses that line the cobbled streets of Stockholm! The Ribbinska Huset is located in Stortorget, the public square in the old town central Stockholm. The bright red house dates back to the 15th century, and it gained fame for the rumors that the white stones represent the number of Swedish nobles that had been murdered. Don’t miss this building and the neighboring areas to see some of the oldest buildings in the country!

Love Locks of Vasterbron

The Love Locks of Vasterbron

The Love Locks of Vasterbron is something that’s gained popularity over recent years: the bridge, which was formerly known for its reputation as a suicide bridge, is now being filled with locks of love. Couples write their names on padlocks and attach it to the bridge – as is famously done at other love lock bridges around the world. Now, the bridge is a symbol of love rather than death, and is definitely a great place to visit while in Stockholm.

Ready to take your Stockholm internship?

Excited to visit Sweden? Make sure to soak up the sights during your Stockholm internship! Make sure to do your research and prepare well, as there are a lot of places to visit and experiences to enjoy. Preparing will help you enjoy it all while you’re there!

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