Role of a Marketing Intern: Expectations VS Reality

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Role of a Marketing Intern: Expectations VS Reality

Stepping into the world of marketing can be as thrilling as it is daunting. 

Whether you’re a bright-eyed student eager to dip your toes into the marketing pool or a seasoned professional seeking new experiences, the role of a marketing intern offers a window into the fast-paced, dynamic industry of media and advertising. 

Marketing is much more than brainstorming snappy taglines – it’s a chess game of ideas, strategy, and execution. With each move, you’re learning, adapting, and proving your mettle. 

By signing up to become a marketing intern, you’ll learn how to play this game of chess. However, marketing internships aren’t always as clear cut as they might seem – and your expectations may not always match up with reality. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what you might be able to (realistically) expect from one of these experiences. 

The Role of a Marketing Intern: Expectations vs. Reality

Let’s break down some common misconceptions people have about marketing internships – and what the reality actually looks like. 

Expectation 1: You’ll Be a Creative Genius at Work

You’ve heard the whispers of marketing meeting rooms where creative minds converge, ideas collide, and campaigns take shape like masterpieces. You expect to find your desk in the heart of this vibrant, creative hive.

There’s some truth to these expectations. However, what those daydreams may omit is the preparation, coordination, and sometimes drudgery that goes into supporting a creative project. 

You might indeed craft a tagline that rings with genius, or you could find yourself deep in a market research analysis to understand why it resonates with a specific audience. The balance lies in relishing the moments of creativity while respecting the less glamorous, yet equally important, tasks.

Expectation 2: You’ll Learn All the Latest Tech

With marketing constantly evolving, you envision yourself pioneering new tech, being trained on cutting-edge software, and acquiring futuristic digital skills.

The reality is that the marketing internship can be a mixed bag of digital wizardry and traditional legwork. You might spend time mastering analytics tools one day, only to shift to data entry the next. The skill here is adaptability. 

While you’re unlikely to become a master of all things marketing tech during the internship, every skill and piece of knowledge gained is a stepping stone in this forever-advancing industry.

Expectation 3: You’re Going to Be Hobnobbing with High-Ranking Executives

Surely, the marketing intern life must be filled with coffee meetings with CMOs, and shadowing the senior leadership, right?

While some internships offer more exposure to high-ranking officials, the typical marketing intern is more likely to be side-by-side with entry-to-mid level employees. And that’s okay. 

Every interaction is a lesson, and those middle managers are often the ones who have a wealth of practical advice and experiences to share.

Expectation 4: You’ll Make a Significant Impact on the Team

Your most idealistic dreams might have you single-handedly turning the tides of a company’s marketing fortunes. You’ve watched enough movies to believe you’ll walk in and turn the marketing department on its head. While you might make some great breakthroughs, you probably won’t be winning any awards. 

Again, that’s okay!

An intern’s role is to support the team, not lead it. However, the impact you can make is substantial. Your fresh perspective, research, and legwork can inform major decisions and even lead to substantial changes in strategy. Recognize the value in the parts you play, no matter how small they might seem. The goal here is to gain experience. 

Expectation 5: You’ll Be Networking, Day and Night

Internships are often hailed as networking goldmines where every handshake is a potential career boost.

Yes, networking is important, but it’s not about quantity, it’s quality. Instead of trying to collect business cards like Pokémon, focus on building meaningful connections. 

Networking is about fostering relationships – both with peers and industry figures – that may pay off down the line. Focus here on quality, not quantity. 

Expectation 6: You’ll Be Conducting Press Conferences

In your mind, you’ve conducted press conferences, answering questions like a seasoned spokesperson.

Be prepared for those same press conference skills to apply in everyday meetings, not actual press conferences (something very few marketing interns are involved in, unless, of course, you’re interning directly at a public relations firm or press outlet). 

Interns often find themselves communicating company messaging in myriad ways, from drafting social media posts to streamlined email communications. Each task is an opportunity to hone your public relations skills, even if you won’t be slinging questions at an interviewee.

Expectation 7: You’ll Razzle-Dazzle With Your Presentation Skills

Your expectations might have you wowing packed boardrooms with PowerPoint presentations.

While you won’t necessarily present to the board, you will practice the art of persuasion and presentation on a smaller scale. Whether it’s a team meeting or a client debrief, these micro presentations are where your voice and ideas can shine.

Expectation 8: You’ll Live a Stress-Free Lifestyle

In an ideal world, internships are about learning, not performing under immense pressure.

Summer marketing internship

But marketing isn’t known for calm periods. Tight deadlines, fast turnarounds, and high-stakes decision-making are par for the course. This stress is a valuable teacher, though. It will push you to your limits and show you what you’re truly capable of handling.

Expectation 9: You’ll Work On “Meaningful” Tasks Only

Your dream internship would be a constant flurry of groundbreaking tasks, always intellectually stimulating.

In reality, internships are stepping stones. You might find yourself in the midst of monotonous tasks. But every bit of it serves a greater purpose. 

Throughout a typical day of administrative tasks, you’ll gleam insights into the core functions and organizing principles that power the marketing efforts you admire.

Expectation 10: You’ll Leave With a Job Offer in Hand

A common, albeit unspoken, desire of any intern is to secure a job offer at the end. After all, you’ve proven your worth, right?

While securing a job offer is a win, it’s not always the clear conclusion of an internship. What you can aim for, however, is to leave a lasting impression. 

Show your dedication, eagerness to learn, and the value you add to the team. These qualities often lead to opportunities, whether immediately after the internship or down the line.

Find Your Dream Marketing Internship With Absolute Internship

Chances are, your time as a marketing intern will become a patchwork of moments that do and don’t align with your initial expectations. That’s okay! It’s not going to be perfect – but it’s probably going to be amazing. 

Approach your role as a curious observer and an active participant. Every task, no matter how minuscule, is vital. Engage with challenges head-on, network with intent, and absorb as much knowledge as you possibly can.

The role of a marketing intern is one of promise and potential. Remember that your contributions, big or small, matter in the grand scheme of an organization’s marketing efforts. 

Whether your internship unfolds exactly as you envisioned or presents surprise challenges, the takeaway is the same: you’re gaining invaluable experience that will shape you into an effective marketer and professional. 

If you haven’t found the perfect marketing internship yet, visit Absolute Internship. We offer marketing internships all over the globe to help you make the best possible impact. 

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and make the most of an opportunity that could very well define the path of your career.

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