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What Happened After My Marketing Internship in London – Absolute Alumni

What Happened After My Marketing Internship in London – Absolute Alumni

Having completed my masters in Digital Marketing at ESCP Business School in Madrid, I was very eager to start my career in a vibrant and diverse city like London. Not having a European passport made it quite challenging to find a company that would sponsor me.

Luckily, I came across Absolute Internship, an award-winning internship provider that helps recent graduates like myself find the most suitable internship placement in your industry across a diverse range of companies in London. I interviewed at Polaris Agency for a six-month internship, which then resulted in getting an offer to continue working with them!

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Polaris is a marketing agency that specialises in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services for small and medium-sized enterprises and brands.

“My main goal at the internship was to gain hands-on experience in multiple aspects of digital advertising as well as secure a full-time job in London.”

– Carolina Jaramillo


I was eager to get hands-on experience in PPC and SEO. At Polaris, I started to learn about SEO, which included blog writing, on-page reports, link building and keyword optimization. This was interesting as the agency works with a diverse set of clients from different industries.

Alongside SEO, I was also slowly dipping my toes into PPC. I quickly realized that my interests laid in the digital advertising side of the business which fueled my interests in data and optimization.

I thoroughly enjoyed the internship at Polaris as I was able to put into my practice what I had learned in my studies. In addition to learning new digital skills, I was also given the opportunity to interact with clients themselves.

Google Adwords dashboard

“Working for a smaller sized agency allowed me to understand how the business worked and also made me feel the impact I was making.”

– Carolina Jaramillo


As my internship was drawing to a close I was still enjoying the work I was doing and the people I was working with. The founder of the agency offered me a full-time role to become the new Paid Media Manager. This was an amazing opportunity for me as I was working in a city that I had always loved and working in the industry that I wanted to work for.

My new role as a Paid Media Manager included managing the paid channels for our clients through Google Ads. Through working in paid search, I got to learn new skills like User Experience (UX) -an area of the industry that I deeply enjoy-. Working at Polaris allowed me to take full ownership of my work and see the impact I was driving.

After eight months working at Polaris, I was recruited by Amazon for a job opening in the UK PPC team at Audible. This was a great opportunity for me and a chance to further my work in a side of marketing I enjoy. I accepted the offer and subsequently got hired.

“My time at Polaris taught me the skills and mindset I needed and served as a very important platform for me to launch my career. I am grateful to the team at both Polaris and Absolute Internships who were able to make this possible.”

– Carolina Jaramillo

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