A Public Relations Internship in Singapore

Public Relations Internship

A Public Relations Internship in Singapore

Nuria from the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg tells us about her Public Relations Internship in Singapore as one of Absolute’s Intern Heroes. 

Public Relations in Singapore is a particular sector with its own working hours. While most of my Absolute Internship friends enter the office at 9 am or earlier and are done by 6 pm, I start at 10 and leave the office around 7 pm. It feels good to sleep longer especially with this hot and humid weather. This is quite different from the German schedule I’m used to that tends to begin very early in the morning to take advantage of the daylight hours. But here daylight and the cold are not important factors for Singaporeans’ life. Every day is a good day to go to the pool.

public relations internship Singapore

Singapore by night

As in most big and cosmopolitan cities, commuting is an issue. From our accommodation to the office, it takes around one hour by bus. During the ride, I take in the highlights of living in Singapore. It is very interesting to see the city during the day, but I find it more beautiful on my way back because all buildings are illuminated and I get a wonderful view from the double-decker bus. From my seat I can feel the city’s atmosphere buzzing full of people who go outside to enjoy local food.

In Public Relations, there are moments of absolute calm and of overwhelming workload. When the office is at ease, colleagues approach me and the other interns to share different stories. However, when the pressure is on, I’m surrounded by an extremely fast-paced way of working.

I am happy to have chosen Singapore because interns are given a lot of responsibility and are expected to learn from the experience. I even got to meet some clients and had to present our projects in order to sell them. The best part, though, was that the boss drove us, the interns, and he treated us to lunch!

public relations internship Singapore

The gorgeous architecture of the Marina Bay Sands

 What’s more, my supervisor also gives me regular feedback so that I can improve and I am not afraid of asking for help because my colleagues are willing to offer it. Since we are less than 20 people in the office, the environment feels warm and welcoming. I get the feeling that I get to know the people not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. 

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