Heat Up Your Career With Summer Communications Internships

Communications Internship

Heat Up Your Career With Summer Communications Internships

Are you counting down the days until summer vacation?

If so, why not use that time productively – by figuring out how you’re actually going to spend your summer?

If you’re like most college students, your plans probably involve relaxing, getting some much-needed sleep, or maybe working a part-time job. However, if you really want to get ahead in your career, you might want to consider completing an internship.

Summer communications internships are a smart choice, since they’ll help you learn the skills you need to thrive in the workforce. However, with only 40% of college students opting to complete internships (regardless of major), it’s clear that this is an untapped area that more students should consider exploring.

Let’s talk about why.

What Does a Communications Intern Do? 

Communications internships are just about as diverse as they get! No two days – or internships – will be exactly alike, so get ready to become a Jack (or Jill!) of all trades. Here are some common tasks you might work on:

Work With Social Media Platforms

A significant aspect of a communications intern’s role involves managing and strategizing social media platforms. Interns curate engaging content, schedule posts, interact with followers, and analyze social media metrics to enhance brand visibility and engagement across various digital channels.

Craft PR Pitches and Releases

Communications interns tend to become quite adept at crafting compelling press pitches and press releases to garner media attention and coverage for their organization. 

They tailor messages to target specific audiences, pitch stories to journalists, and draft press materials that reflect the brand’s key messages and values.

Create Content 

From writing blog posts to designing infographics and producing videos, communications interns are skilled in creating diverse forms of content. 

They double check for consistency in brand voice and messaging while developing captivating content that resonates with the target audience across different communication channels.

Researching and Analyzing Competitors

Another important part of a communications intern’s role involves conducting competitor analysis to identify industry trends, benchmark performance metrics, and gain insights into competitor strategies. 

By staying informed about the competitive landscape, interns contribute to developing strategic communication plans that differentiate their organization.

Plan and Coordinate Events

Communications interns play an integral role in planning and coordinating events, whether virtual or in-person. 

They assist in logistical arrangements, manage event communications, coordinate guest lists, and offer the smoothest execution possible to create memorable experiences that align with the organization’s objectives.

Create Advertisements 

Interns collaborate on creating advertisements and promotional materials to drive brand awareness and engagement. 

They contribute to developing visually appealing content, writing persuasive copy, and strategizing ad placements to reach target audiences effectively and achieve marketing goals.

Collaborate on New Ideas and Promotions

Communication interns actively participate in brainstorming sessions, collaborating on new ideas and promotional strategies to elevate brand visibility and engagement. 

They offer creative insights, offer fresh perspectives, and work alongside team members to bring innovative campaigns and promotions to life.

What Are Good Summer Communications Internships?

Whether you’re drawn to PR, captivated by broadcast media, or intrigued by digital marketing, summer communications internships offer a gateway to explore diverse facets of the communication industry. Here are some compelling options:

Public Relations

Public relations internships will offer you a chance to dive into the world of storytelling and brand reputation management. You’ll craft press releases, pitch stories to media outlets, and engage with stakeholders to shape positive narratives for organizations across various industries.

Non-Profit Organizations

Interning at a non-profit organization allows you to merge your passion for communication with a noble cause. You’ll support fundraising efforts, raise awareness through campaigns, and communicate impact stories that inspire change and make a difference in communities.

Radio and Television

Imagine interning at a radio or television station, where you’ll witness the magic of broadcasting firsthand. 

From writing scripts to assisting with production, you’ll gain insight into the fast-paced world of media communication and storytelling through audiovisual mediums.

Sports Agencies

Sports agencies offer dynamic internships that blend sports passion with communication skills. You’ll work on promoting athletes, managing social media presence, and coordinating events, contributing to the exciting realm of sports communication and brand building.

Newspapers and Other Print Publications

Interning at newspapers or print publications hones your writing skills and immerses you in the world of journalism. 

You’ll cover stories, conduct interviews, and contribute to print content creation, experiencing the thrill of seeing your byline in newspapers and magazines.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Choose to intern at a digital marketing agency, and you’ll learn the ropes of online communication, social media management, and content creation. By working on digital campaigns, analyzing data metrics, and engaging with online audiences, you’ll discover the power of strategic communication in the digital age.

How Can I Be a Good Communication Intern?


Communications Internship

Ready to rock your role as a communication intern? Let’s dive into some awesome tips that will help you shine bright and make the most of this valuable learning experience. 

Set Goals

Start off strong by setting clear goals for what you want to achieve during your internship. Whether it’s mastering new skills, expanding your network, or gaining specific industry insights, having goals in mind will keep you focused and motivated throughout your internship.

Engage Fully 

Immerse yourself fully in every task and project that comes your way. Be proactive, show enthusiasm, and embrace challenges with an open mind. By giving your all to each opportunity, you’ll not only learn and grow but also leave a lasting impression as a dedicated communication intern.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to step into uncharted territory and explore different sectors within the communication field. Try out new roles, tackle unfamiliar tasks, and push yourself outside your comfort zone. 

Remember, the essence of an internship is all about learning and broadening your horizons.

Collect Business Cards Like it’s Your Job

Networking is key in the world of communication. 

Collect business cards, connect with professionals in the industry, and build meaningful relationships that could open doors to future opportunities. Every contact you make is a potential bridge to new experiences and growth.

Ask Questions – and Really Listen to the Answers

Never hesitate to ask questions and seek clarity on tasks or concepts you’re unsure about. Listen attentively to the answers, absorb knowledge like a sponge, and leverage the expertise of experienced professionals to enhance your skill set and understanding.

Reflect Often, and Record Your Successes (and Failures)

Take time to reflect on your experiences, both successes, and failures. Record your achievements, lessons learned, and areas for improvement. Through reflection, you’ll gain valuable insights that will propel your growth and development as a communication intern.

Where Are the Best Places to Pursue Summer Communications Internships?

You can find a summer communications internship just about anywhere – you can apply at your hometown newspaper, sign up for a virtual communications internship, or even fill out some applications on Indeed. Opportunities are plentiful, especially if you’re flexible and willing to explore new paths  you haven’t considered before.

However, if you really want the experience of a lifetime, you need to think even more outside the box.

That’s where Absolute Internship can help. We offer communications internships virtually as well as in destinations all around the world, from Hong Kong to London and everywhere in between.

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill experience when you can have one that’s absolutely exhilarating? That’s the Absolute Internship difference. Contact us today!

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