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A Remote Marketing Internship to Broaden my Career Horizons

Remote Marketing Internship

A Remote Marketing Internship to Broaden my Career Horizons

Hi there! My name is Mariel De Léon and I am an International Business student at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. I just completed my remote marketing internship programme with Absolute Internship at World Tech Makers in Barcelona, Spain and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

“I am excited for more people to learn about this incredible program that totally changed my life.” – Mariel De Léon


But first, a bit more about me…

I am 20 years old and would describe myself as persistent, organised and chatty! In my free time I enjoy sports, especially basketball and dance as they help me to relax after a busy day. In terms of my career, I enjoy marketing and logistics the most. As a result, I pursued a marketing role with Absolute Internship to help broaden my career horizons and gain valuable experience in a global company like World Tech Makers.



My Absolute Program and the benefits of remote working

I participated in the 6-week remote marketing program in Barcelona. Having this remote experience has allowed me to adapt to this “virtual” way of life that is here to stay! Mainly, I learnt more about digital tools, communication and how to form relationships from your city all the way to another continent.


My host company, World Tech Makers

My journey with Absolute could not have been better! I was placed with World Tech Makers in Barcelona, an innovative and ambitious company who helped me to thrive in my new position. The company is on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity worldwide. The CEO Ilana Milkes created ePioneers with the launch of the first visa in Latin America for digital nomads in Colombia. It is an incredible product that will open the doors for many young entrepreneurs.


My main Internship Tasks

My tasks were mainly in the areas of Marketing and Sales and included creating landing pages, inviting people of interest to our webinars, searching for new leads and then converting them into customers. All of this was with the help of digital tools such as Google, Lead pages, Hubspot, Slack, Mailchimp etc. This remote marketing internship has allowed me to improve my technical skills as well as my soft skills such as communication, problem solving and decision making.


Did I achieve my goals during my remote marketing internship?

“Absolutely, YES!  I am so impressed by all the knowledge and skills I developed in only 6 weeks.” – Mariel De Léon

One of my goals at the end of this year is to start my own logistics and furniture business for events.With all that I have learned, I believe that I will be able to achieve it. I mean, why not? Not only have my technical skills improved but I also feel much more confident connecting with new people.


The outcome of my remote marketing internship

When I finished my internship I felt very happy because I was able to obtain measurable results that were useful to the ePioneers company and to have contact with potential clients, which was the objective. I received some very good feedback from my manager which helps to keep me motivated to continue working and improving on my skills.


My plans for the future

My plans for the next few months are to continue researching about this new lifestyle that is digital nomads and remote workers because it seems to me that it is a job for the future. I hope to continue supporting the company closely and possibly get a remote job to gain experience and get out of my comfort zone to keep growing.


My advice to you…

Choosing this remote marketing internship has been one of the best decisions of my life and I totally recommend it. Do not hesitate and just think about how much you will grow after this experience!

It really brought out the best of me. I put myself on an international level from my desk at home and completely stepped out of my comfort zone. The best advice I can give is to BELIEVE IN YOU.  You will not be “just an intern” because you will have an important position, with a lot of responsibility. Have fun and enjoy the process of personal growth and development!

I recommend Absolute Internship 100%! You will feel confident for your next challenge, and I am excited for more people to learn about this incredible program that totally changed my life.

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