Absolute Alumni Spotlight – Elliot Howells

Absolute Internship Alumni

Absolute Alumni Spotlight – Elliot Howells

Absolute Internship turns the spotlight on program alumni, following them on their journey from summer interns to young professionals.    


Elliot Howells from Wales was an Absolute Intern in summer 2015, working in Hong Kong’s competitive Technology industry.


1. What have you been up to since your summer as an Absolute Intern?
Since returning from my internship in Hong Kong, I graduated from Cardiff University with a First Class Honours degree, traveled the East Coast of Australia and am now working as a Technology Consultant based in London.
2. How did the program help you along your career path?
Having international business experience was tremendously useful in articulating my skills while applying for jobs. Employers were impressed that I had spent time working internationally and were keen to hear about my experience.
3. What aspect of the program was most useful to your career?
For me, the most useful aspect was the experience of working abroad experiencing new cultures and working in a new business environment. I now work in a global organisation and this experience has helped me do what I do now.
4. What was the biggest challenge you faced while interning in Hong Kong and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge was the humidity! Being in smart dress in that heat was difficult. I dealt with it by drinking lots of water and spending time in air conditioned rooms.
5. Describe your favorite memory of your Absolute Summer. 
I was surprised at how much responsibility I was given as an intern. I was able to contribute to the company’s overall success by conducting global market analyses, generating documentation for new starters and worked with tools such as Google Analytics to provide marketing recommendations.
6. What’s next for you? 
I am now 7 months into my current role and am planning to progress along the ranks of a Technology Consultant. Who knows where I’ll end up or what exactly I’ll be doing one day?!
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